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    Beach day!

    You definitely have to try it. I love kayaking! I also paddle board, but I prefer kayaking as you are sitting down, lol. While we were out on the kayak we saw a momma manatee and her very young calf. They swam right under us! I would love to own my own kayak one day, but right now I just rent...
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    Merlin at the beach

    The expression in the photo of Merlin standing in the water is pure happiness! What a cutie! And I love the action shots of him playing with the other dog, looks like he is such a happy fun pup to have around. Is that a dog beach? You are in Miami, right? I have a hard time finding beaches...
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    Jackson camping in style, on the beach!

    What a cutie! He looks so handsome in that collar, love how he poses for the camera. He seems proud to show it off :)
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    Beach day!

    He LOVES the water :D Hope you enjoyed those :)
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    Beach day!

    My friend runs a travel magazine and website. I help her with filming and writing on occasion. Yesterday she asked if I would help her film a short episode (webisode) about a great park in St. Petersburg. She asked that I bring Cooper along since she wanted to showcase how dog friendly this...
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    Tips for socializing feral kitten?

    What about a bathroom? That way the kitten could have quiet space, you could close the door to keep the dogs out, but it's a room that gets frequent traffic throughout the day. Maybe even put a doggie gate or two gates stacked on top of each other in the door way.
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    What are you afraid of?

    Eyeballs... like if they get injured and are popped out or bulging... ick. :yikes: That's one of the reasons I could never have a really bug eyed dog like a badly bred pug or chi. Also, fire, but only when raging out of control. I can deal with both of those things if needed, but I've...
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    Quillin vs Hill Top , collars & leashes

    I just looked at those Master's Pride collars.... GORGEOUS!!
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    Aussies, aussies everywhere!

    Gorgeous dogs! I have a soft spot for Aussies, as my old farriers dog was an amazing blue merle named Sassy. She was perfect in every way! Love all of them, but your Snitch is the most handsome!
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    Superficial Reasons You Would Own a Breed

    A french bulldog. I will have one of these someday, when I am older and content to have a dog that enjoys being around the house. Right now I am too active with my dog/s and live in Florida, so they need to be able to handle outdoor activities in the summer. I love their face, expressions and...
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    New car question

    I recently had to get a 'new' car and ended up with a Nissan Versa hatchback. It isn't exactly what I went searching for but I really like it. I was looking for a smaller SUV (think Toyota Rav or a Hyundai SUV) I got a 2012 model with about 34k miles on it and my payments are very affordable...
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    Impulse Control

    Is there a link to the course where I could find more info about it?
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    Your Easiest Dogs

    I just realized I've never brushed Cooper... :yikes: lol Though he's half poodle, he has a wiry wash and wear coat. It dries in 5 minutes and dirt falls off of it easily. He does have some sensitivities to pollen, so he tends to get a bath every other week in the Spring. Other than that maybe...
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    Dog #2! Curious about her makeup...

    But I wanted to add that she is adorable!! :D
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    Dog #2! Curious about her makeup...

    Living in deer dog country, I've seen plenty of purebred 'hunting' beagles that look more like her than an AKC beagle. The ones that are run on deer tend to be leggy and racier looking than the typical beagle. Are foxhounds common in your area? I'd tend to believe she's a walker/beagle mix...