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    Any experience with stage 3 Lymphoma?

    My 8yr old Pit X was diagnosed the week after Thanksgiving with Lymphoma. Starting in mid-November he began to drink and pee more than normal. Then he started having bad gas. On Friday, Nov 25th, he was lethargic and wasn't eating. Took him to the vet at 10:30 that morning and the vet...
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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    It is TERRIFIYING here at times. People ignore burn bans, have loud shouting matches, drive WAY over the speed limit and don't even get me started on the "free range children", one of whom is a preteen that would be perfect in the role of Damien from The Omen. We (I'm disabled and live with...
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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Good, bad, Jerry Springer worthy? We have lived for almost eight years in what amounts to a rural trailer park with some houses thrown in the mix. The landlord who owns the majority of it is a slimy SOB whose Amstaff killed one of my goats and terrorized the area before he shot it for killing...
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    What are some weird dog-related things you've heard from other people/forums?

    I've too heard that you *must* exercise your dog a million hours a day or else it will become an uncontrollable beast. Vets only want your $$$ or are scams. Dog only need their puppy shots. Anything not *organic* will give your dog cancer/kill it. Pit Bulls are ticking time bombs.
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    Unless the owners can be proven negligent/abusive, it should be a illegal for a rescue to "claim" ownership of a dog. I hope Piper gets reunited with her family.
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    "Lifers" in No-Kill shelters.

    I was scanning their adoptable dog list and these are their long time residents: 1. A male GSD mix that has a scary bark and only appears to like one person. Everyone else he just ignores/blows off. 2. A female GSD mix that is scared to death of everything on earth. She is sweet once she...
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    "Lifers" in No-Kill shelters.

    Awkward title, I know. I volunteer/donate to a no-kill shelter that has several dogs (and lord knows how many cats) that have been there for years. One dog has been there since 2010! How long is it considered humane for a dog to be sitting in a shelter? Several dogs (including the...
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    To Kieber: "No" "Drop it!" "Get out of the (trash/cat box/cabinet)!" "Down!" A toddler in a fur coat. Mysti: "Fishie Fish!" (For some unknown reason she loves that.):confused: Deputy: "Move!" "Get out of the way!" I swear he is auditioning to be a speed bump the way he just...
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    He does appear to be a *little bit* better. He responds to his name quicker and appears to have more energy.
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    Has anyone with an older dog tried this stuff? My vet just started carrying it and we put Dep on it (first dose tomorrow morning) to see if it would help with his dementia.
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    I do.
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Deputy: gentle, confused, cuddly. Zane: loyal, annoying, needy. Mysti: feral, maternal, playful. Kieber: LOUD, talkative, crazy.
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    Deputy (dx'd with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) just turned 9 and is, once again, loosing weight. Vet can't figure out why. He is also getting more and more "spacey", plus he is appearing to have some joint issues. Zane is turning 8 this year and is acting older than he is. While he still...
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    What should my Next Dog be?

    I will mostly get what ever little dog "clicks" with me, but I'm sort of wanting something that is not a Chi or Doxie and that is what the shelters around me are always flooded with. While I like what I here about Cavs, all those potential health issues make me shudder. That's okay. :)
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    Anyone else have a puppy crazy dog?

    If I brought a puppy into the house I think it would cease to be MINE.:rofl1: I'd have to pry it away from her.