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    What made you get into dogs?

    I don't know life without a dog. There was a dog in the house when my parents first brought me home from the hospital and the same is now true for my kids. It's hard to imagine a home without one. During those sad times when you're in between dogs the home just feels like it's missing something.
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    Teeth Grinding

    This is usually the same for dogs as it is for people. It's usually stress related. We picked up our second dog from a local rescue. She had been living on her own in the streets of TN and was in pretty bad shape when they picked her up. She had a litter of puppies not long before she was...
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    Hiking with Brooks

    What great scenery and a well behaved dog. Poses so majestically for pictures, much better than mine.
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    Euthanizing A Dog That Bites

    I breaks my heart to read stories like this. I have had dogs all my life and never had an aggressive one. Nothing but sweethearts. My parents had an agressive dog after I moved out but the situation never became so dire that they had to put...
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    Children pretending to be dogs

    I have kids. I have dogs. Sometime I have other peoples kids over. Sometimes I have other peoples dogs over. I'm not sure what you were expecting. The kids don't have dogs of their own, and just like puppies they tend to forget their training. Some kids are better than others about being...
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    Thank you :)
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    Anybody see this before?

    I totally agree. Give it a good clip and a few days to heal. There's a good chance that nail got caught on something and that's why it's tender. I think you'll notice an improvement just a day or two after clipping it. It's been a few days since you posted. Did you clip it? How is she?
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    Hero's Thread

    I was thinking the exact same thing as I was going through the pics. What an adorable dog you have. He looks so happy. Congrats to both of you!
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    Thank you :)
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    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    Ha! I didn't expect to be taken literally. My dogs prefer catching flies or whatever other flying thing manages to find its' way inside.
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    Our Two Brindle Mutts

    Thank you :)
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    Our Two Brindle Mutts

    We socialized our dogs yesterday and I took a few pictures. I wanted to make a signature with them but it won't save so I decided to share a couple pictures here. This is Sanne on the right with a couple new friends Sophie charging me And the pair with their Mom
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    Toys for Destructive Dog

    Give elk antlers a try. It's the toughest chew I have ever seen and most dogs love them instantly.
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    Doggie Christmas

    My dogs love chew toys so I'll pick up some more bully sticks and deer antlers. If anyone is looking for a tough interactive toy my dogs love the jolly pet balls. The ones with the small ball inside of the larger one. They'll work at that thing for an hour or more trying to get the smaller...
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    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    There are a few treats for sale now that are made with cricket flour instead of wheat. I picked up a bag this week and my dogs love them. They're grain free and high in protein, and I think sustainable too. I've been know to try a small nibble of my dogs treats to see if they are as...