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    More of Coco the GSD!

    They have to be Coco's favourite toy! :p A late thank you for your comments. :D
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    Can't upload avatar still...

    Everytime I try to it still says unable to save image. :( Won't work from computer or image hosting site!
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    Akela and Coco the GSD!

    Thank you! :D
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    Sunset Fetch

    Wow, those came out awesome! :D I've tried doing pictures like that, but they've never came out very good. :(
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    pics from the park today

    They are both just adorable! :D Perfect posers!
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    The greyhounds at speed *heavy*

    Your Greyhounds look so good! :D
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    Morgan and Justin again...

    That is so sweet! I love seeing dogs enjoying babies, so cute! :D
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    I just love the background in this photo! Beautiful! :D Cute puppy as well. ;)
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    Bounty and puppy guest Indie

    Awww! :D Bounty is such a good boy with puppies! I wish I got to meet Indie! Looks adorable! :D
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    Out with Bounty.

    That's my pal! :D He really has always looked good on a fall scene! :p
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    Akela and Coco the GSD!

    Akela is with me, yes. :D Thanks for the comments all of you. :)
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    Akela and Coco the GSD!

    Some pictures of Akela, and Coco the German Shepherd Dog. Coco was previously my dog, but after moving away from my parents, I left her behind, as she was very happy with them and they loved her.
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    The colors in this pic

    Such a sweet looking dog! :)
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    Elsie in the Flowers

    Gosh, Elsie is very beautiful. :)