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    Kidney pain when "overhungry", as I call it

    Wow this is an old thread lol. Thanks for the info, that's interesting. I haven't had it happen in a long time. What helps me a lot is eating enough nutritious food during the day so I don't feel hungry at night. I also am trying to eat more protein and vegetables. :)
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    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Lots of people have dogs, but they all live inside because I live in a townhouse development and we don't have yards here, all of the land is owned and maintained by the condo association. People pretty much keep to themselves. Most of the dogs I see here are various pit bull types. There is a...
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    New look

    Duuuddee. I haven't been to Chaz in so long and now it's all different! I think the change is good though. :)
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I haven't volunteered with rescue since I brought Norris home two years ago, because I haven't really had much time. But when I was there I discovered that a lot of my thoughts are controversial among the rescue crowd. For example, I think everyone who applies for a dog should be evaluated on...
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    Maintaining a professional appearance on social networking

    There is a website specifically for creating and maintaining professional connections. It is LinkedIn, and I highly recommend you use this website instead of facebook for connecting to a supervisor.
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    Does Your Dog Invent Rules?

    Norris thinks rules are for chumps. The only rule he's really made for himself is that he MUST poop as far away from the house as possible. He refuses to go in the common area behind the townhouse unless he's having diarrhea and has no choice. So I have to walk him in order for him to poop...
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    Tugging Makes Them Mean

    I wonder if that came from the fact that some dogs, when they try to regrip the toy, accidentally grip your hand instead. I've had that happen multiple times when I used to play with dogs at FOHA, and ouch, lol. The only dogs I wouldn't play tug with are moderate to severe resource guarders...
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    The Truth About Pit Bulls.

    I'm currently petsitting my friend's pit bull mix while he's on vacation for his birthday. Her name is Mama and I used to think I wanted a pit bull type one day, but now I don't think I really do. She's very sweet, and really quite overly friendly. She does chew things she shouldn't if you don't...
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    Prong collars

    I'm not going to get all righteous and start lecturing at people for using prongs, but I myself prefer not to use them. Norris is leash reactive to dogs and sensitive and putting a prong on him would just cause way more problems than it would solve. I used a gentle leader with him for about six...
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    Weird breed guesses?

    I have a mutt, so people always want to guess. I had a guy straight up ask me if Norris was a pit bull. That would be a no, lol. I think Norris is a cattle dog/english coonhound mix. The paperwork that came from the original shelter he was pulled from (in some rural area of VA) says that...
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    What is your opinion of toy breeds and small dog breeds?

    When it comes to ownership, I prefer bigger dogs. I'm wearing a tee-shirt I got at the Pet Expo right now that says "I like big mutts and I cannot lie!" :p But I like all dogs, big and small. I tend to spoil the little ones at work quite a lot. Poodles are so warm and fun to cuddle. There's...
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    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    Well with Hannibal, I just get annoyed at people who name dogs who ALREADY have a bad rap and a hard time in many places a name that is associated with negative things, like a serial killer. I don't think the name itself is bad really, but most people will think of Hannibal Lector the horror...
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    What is the worst name you've ever heard?

    When I worked in the grooming place, a guy called to make an appointment for Biteass. I asked how to spell it, just to make sure I heard it right. There was also a pit bull named Hannibal. The woman that owned him was sort of douchey. At the boarding kennel there is a samoyed named Mr...
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    Do your dogs provide security?

    Norris is a good alert dog if somebody he doesn't like comes around, but as far as protection? Ahahahahahahahaha :rofl1:
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    Will a grossly obese dog be fixed by "more exercise"?

    I think a lot of people are just CLUELESS about how much a dog should be fed. There is a bull terrier boarding at work who's feeding instructions say to feed her 1 1/2 cups 2x a day, which works out to THREE cups a day! That's what we feed the mastiff that boards occasionally. The poor bull...