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    Attention Breed Experts

    Standard poodle is definitely on my consider list. And interestingly, so are Tervs. I always thought they'd be too much dog for me and my family, but I'm starting to reconsider. Must think ........ And ya, herders seem to fit the bill.
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    Attention Breed Experts

    So. Over the past 2 years, I realize that what I am looking for in a dog has changed a bit. Turns out I'm really, really interested in dog sports. Like, all of them. So, let's say I wanted a medium-ish sized dog, very biddable, reliable off leash (this is something I've taken for granted with...
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    Ruff Love protocol?

    Has anyone used Susan Garrett's Ruff Love protocol? I have a very preliminary understanding of it. I'd love to hear thoughts on it.
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    That's amazing! We're just starting Barn Hunt. How did you train for it? Local practices? There's only one dog in this region in the Masters level - it's amazing to watch. Congrats!
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    Peeing a lot-when to be concerned?

    It sounds to me like something that needs to be investigated at the vet.
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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    I have the Surefit - the chest piece isn't quite long enough, and I don't want to attach to the o-ring in the front as I feel it would be very uncomfortable for Louis - the leash clip would be pressing into his breastbone, kwim? I've been looking at the Urban Trail harness - that's definitely...
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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    I am looking for a(nother) harness for my 92 lb Bouvier. I own 5 harnesses, and don't love any of them. I feel like they all ride up too close to his armpits. The other issue is that I want a front clip option, but I don't want it to be a "no pull" harness that restricts movement. He is usually...
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    Preparing for my first shedding apocalypse. Advice? Experiences?

    Sorry, can't answer questions, but I am very interested to know how you've found the first 10 months with a terv. And could it just be that his coat is changing to a more adult coat? No idea.
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    Your strengths and weaknesses as a dog owner

    Strengths: my dogs get enough exercise, and get out of the house often. I'm good at making sure that happens. I'm also pretty good at setting rules and reinforcing them. Weaknesses: I want to do too much, and tend to not cement the basic foundations in a solid enough manner, building enough...
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    Considering trialing in Obedience

    Anyone beginning to train for obedience right now? I've recently been considering trialing in obedience (never thought I'd be interested, but I think it might be fun), and I'd love a training partner (virtual partner). We've got a lot of basic behaviors down, but have never practiced official...
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    Experiences flying dogs as cargo?

    I got my Bouvier from Ontario, and I live in Saskatchewan. He flew with Westjet. My breeder's husband worked at airports, and strongly recommended using Westjet. They are put in the live animal hold at the front of the plane - climate controlled, etc. He was a baby puppy, but didn't seem...
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    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    When we lived in Halifax, our neighbors got a Toller from a breeder somewhere in the province. Not sure where exactly, could have been right in Halifax. Anyway, that dog was the opposite of good tempered. SCREAMED all the time, was rather aggressive towards people, just awful. It looked far...
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Louis (Bouvier) - thoughtful, committed, common sense Chloe (shih tzu) - confident, cool, sassy
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    Your family + your pets

    I'm the dog person, and do it all. My husband and kids will help out as requested, happily.