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    Help - Betta fish

    Test the water for PH and waste concentration very soon. Get the kit with 4 test tubes if you do not already have one. I have not kept betas before but have been a keeper of goldfish in the past. The advice is the same - Not a sick fish, you have sick water. Hope this helps.
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    Lancer's growth progression (2012~2015)

    Those are some great shots. Enjoyed every one of them.
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    Need help stopping barking at night

    Put the crate in a small bathroom and leave the exhaust fan running.
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    Getting into breeding

    Beautiful Pap you have there! As for your frustration in finding a breeder that you could work with, I know how VERY hard that is to accomplish. Lots of emails, applications, phone calls, dead ends and driving all over the country. Been there, done that, understand it better now. The...
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    Help me identify my dog's breed??

    Akita and Am Staff. What did I win? :D
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    Dog Eyes! (share)

    Here is my spoiled rotten "Royal Bitch" advertising her favorite wine. -LOL. Deep eyes.
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    Animal rescue refuses to give back lost show dog to rightful owner

    No court will ever take that dog away from the rightful owner and hand it to the rescue whacko. Ain't gonna happen. :) This is over - thank God!
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    Have to share my nail trimming success story!!

    Congratulations!!! That is a big deal.
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    Any cheap solutions to remove ticks from dog?

    A bath is Dawn dishwashing soap might do it if they are fleas. Ticks are harder to deal with. I had to ship in some "tick twisters" from England and they are pretty effective at removing ticks.
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    Does your dog meet standard?

    Snoop is a bit shy and submissive so would not like the ring. Agility is not his thing either. He got the easy life of a pet duty. Otherwise he could have been finished. Ditte is a little bit less shy but she is a bit on the small side. A blaze would be preferred but a solid head can be...
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    How to

    The way I like to do it is: Upload your picture to a free third party web site ("Tinypic" for example) and then "copy" the address of the image (they give it to you), and then come back here and "paste" the web address of your uploaded image into your post. You can't just do it all here...
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    Getting fluids into a picky dog

    Ru must be enjoying the collagen from the bones. So glad you found something that WORKS!!! Might just try it on my 2 parsimonious drinkers. I do have some home made chicken stock. We shall take a run at it.
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    Meet Sherman the French Bulldog

    Awesome dog! :)
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    Going from rescue route to breeder route

    My first dog was a rescue pound pup. A small pointer mix. He was a pretty good dog but had some emotional issues that we coped with, but never fully left behind. We gave him the best home we could provide. For a number of personal reasons, we needed less "doubt" on the next dog. We were...
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    Our new puppy

    Adorable!!! :D