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    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Gambit would not only survive, but he would probably emerge as some sort of Zombie leader. The walking dead would be right up his alley as minions. Gimmick would wither and die quickly without a blanket to snuggle into and someone bringing him his yum-yums on a regular schedule. Glitch...
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    So called "wolf hybrids"

    Have him enjoy Gambit for a few days, and then reevaluate how much he wants a hybrid. And Gambit is pretty mellow for a hybrid. Still, I can't even begin to total what he has cost me financially, emotionally, and mentally over the past five years. He's been an experience and we've just now...
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Bad Roozle! Bad Roozle!" Applicable to a wide variety of situations, all involving Glitch and his endless ability to find trouble "Who is my Gambit Eugene? Oh, it has coy kisses!" Coy kisses is his new thing and I think it's adorable. "Shrimpitus? Shrimp, are you still breathing?" I...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Glitch got introduced to his new best friend Mr. Belly Band today. He was absolutely horrified, but until he can control his marking, this is what's happening.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Yeah, no need to make a scene. His dog sounds a lot like Gimmick. We went, we tried, and we had the same issues. And this was in foundations, not anything too stressful. But it was for him. So we finished the set of classes, thanked the teachers (who really were wonderful) and left...
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    Intact males + females

    While reading your reply I couldn't help but stare at the pictures of Didgie and Fergus and imagine what their babies would look like. Ummm.....they would have a lot of tongue. Maybe you'll get lucky and have a gay dog like Gimmick. He runs away when he sees a girl in heat. :rolleyes:
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Glitch met a turtle today. It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to him. Was it an animal? A rock? Somehow, it was both? He was in full on Wacky Whippet Weasel Dance mode. I finally moved it before he could give it a stroke.
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    Spin off: have you ever adopted/kept a dog using your heart exclusively?

    I saw Gambit's face and knew he was meant to be mine. Never mind that I didn't need two dogs. Never mind that he was 5 hours each way away from me. Never mind that upon showing his picture to a rescue friend, she looked at it and said 'yeah, do you see the schitzophrenia in that dogs eyes...
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    The one that got away?

    I still miss my Iddy Quiddy. I know that he is in the right home, and I certainly had all the opportunities in the world to keep him, but he was such a precious mush. I look at his pictures and videos all the time, and if his current home could not keep him, I would not hesitate to adopt him and...
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    Glitch Videos

    Some of you have seen these already, but for those who haven't: Glitch stacking rings on his ring toy. Also, enjoy a brief cameo by Felony the Persian. This was our December trick, and I'm proud to say he learned it by 12/15! I have no idea why he has so much trouble with the yellow ring...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Ha! Glitch in on the floor throwing a tantrum right now because I took his marker away and he wants to keep working. I got the same advice, and he just makes his own rules.
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    What are you Working on? 2016

    Glitch will start agility and dock diving, as well as earn his CGC. By the end of the year he will have a walking handstand, be able to walk a ball across the room, and paint his name at an easel (what can I say, I dream big :rofl1:), as well as any other tricks I think up. Gimmick: Will...
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    Goodbye my boy

    Oh no! I too lost one to sudden kidney failure and I know how quickly it can happen. Please take care of yourself during this time.
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    Please send good vibes :(

    How's he doing?