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    Are you happy with your breed/dog choice?

    I'm guessing I'll always have Malinois because I can't imagine life with anything else.
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    Hello there!

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    It's called FitRPG. There's an app for it that imports your fitbit stats. Exercise levels you up and restores HP.
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    I have the Fitbit One and I love it. I don't know that it's totally accurate, but wearing it on the hip seems to make it more reasonable than my wrist pedometer (smartwatch). Plus there is an RPG that goes with Fitbit. Making it a game makes me more likely to work at it. I just like seeing...
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    What breeds are these two dogs?

    In France I'd guess it's an AmStaf.
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    Front Range Ruffwear Harness

    I ordered Stan the small. That's the pack size he wears. I ordered the harness over a week ago and thanks to FedEx in Mayberry's ridiculous schedule I still don't have it. :mad: <---- Me
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    Dry Food & Water

    Stan gets dry kibble with Honest Kitchen to make a gravy. Because he's King Stannis and he won't eat food suited for peasants.
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    Stanna Banana

    I'm pretty sure this is the same Toad that's been in our yard for years. She sat on Grant's head, too.
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    Stanna Banana

    I'm not sure that he will ever look mature to me. There isn't a serious bone in his body.
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    Stanna Banana

    Another part fell off the lawnmower this year. Sadly this is his last as we got a new one. Stan looking like he's at a middle school dance. "I haz a mummy!" Toad as hat... Just cuz he's cute...
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    What blood group are you?

    I'm B+ as well
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    Show us your non-motorized transportation!

    I kind of want to post a pic of my feet.
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    If there was a puppy...

    When I got Grant, I wanted blue or black. I found a breeder who met all of my criteria that only ever produced blues and blacks. The upcoming litter was out of a blue and a black. I told her I didn't want no red or fawn dog. Three pups arrived. One blue, one black, and one fawn. I knew which...
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    Can Any Breed be Cropped?

    I saw this dog at a doggie swim event. I couldn't figure out what she was. Cropped ears with a tail? The owners informed me she was Boxer/Lab. The vet wouldn't dock her tail at the age they brought her in at but they did the ears.
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    Can Any Breed be Cropped?

    I want to see some of these off breed crops