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    No SS present

    No no! I haven't sent mine yet.. ok ok .. smack me! I know I'm terrible! :( I've just been so insanely busy.. I do have it though! Everything but work has been getting put off lately.. I hate it.. and I'm sorry! It's a good gift though.. and I PROMISE I will send it!! I haven't gotten one yet...
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    What Bizare American Holiday is your birthday on??

    Ooooooooooh.. I like mine :p July 27 is . . . . Take Your Pants For A Walk Day
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    Riot pictures.. lots lol

    GASP! Riot is just beautiful! :) It's been too long since I've seen lots of Riot pics.. he's just amazing looking Jenn.. ;)
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    Riot in the Snow..

    YAY!! Ri Ri pics!!! I've missed seeing him.. what a stunner he is! :)
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    New Picture of my sweetie and I

    Wahoo!!!! I'm so glad you found each other! ;) He seems SO much better than that other one! :p
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    Heeeeeeee's Baaaaaack!

    I'm SO very happy to hear Buddy is feeling better!!! YAY!!!!!!! :D
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    for those living on the east coast

    Ew.. I don't like it at all.. I want FROZEN GROUND! It's all muddy and gross.. raining all the time.. I want snow.. and freezing cold days.. make my nose red.. make cups of tea and hot chocolate seem amazing.. And lots of snow storms.. I really miss how our winters used to be.. :(
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    Some new snake pics

    Yup yup.. me too! :)
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    New Panther Pics

    Oh dear god he's beautiful! :)
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    Some new snake pics

    What beauties! That carpet python is stunning! :)
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    The Difference Between the Two

    Squid---> EVIL!!! :P Well.. not really.. but insane for sure.. go go go all the time.. loves to play fetch and loves being outside especially in the snow.. so sweet and protective and loving.. licks me all over when I cry.. looks so concerned when I'm hurt or upset.. he loves me to pieces and I...
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    Went to the beach today *pics* lots!

    You pictures are amazing! They always make me happy.. casey is so beautiful.. AWESOME!!! :)
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    FINALLY... we have SNOW!

    GACK! What awesome shots! I kept trying to pick a favourite.. no luck :p The dobes look like horses with Ada.. heehee.. what a cute little shortie she is! And Ilsa and Ronin are stunning of course.. Great shots! :)
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    Just Being Lazy *Pics*

    GOD I love your Chi's.. and I don't really even like Chi's! :p :)