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    Think I'm finally done with this tattoo

    Impressive! Both the tattoo and the message.
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    Week 3: Nap Time 1/13 - 1/19 (52 Weeks 2013)

    Cute sleeping dogs! Love smkie's seems too comfy. ;)
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    Rosey pictures!

    Rosey's 16 already? She doesn't look her age. Gorgeous dog!
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    Lucky lucky girl to be chosen by you. Gorgeous Happy is in for a good life with you. :)
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    The Merlin thread

    One of the many ways to GO AROUND a rule. Merlin is the cutest! :):)
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    Yarrow's Thread

    Oh but he is one gorgeous dog. Thanks for sharing!
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    name change.

    Good choice. Laika has more oomph! ;)
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    Even though Sara's thread was nice..

    Ha ha! All of us have one or two things we hate about our dogs. But we love them anyway.
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    Those who have experience with mother dogs and puppies.... *rant/vent*

    Why don't you tell your relative that what she is doing is unacceptable. I totally agree with the views of other Chazers. The pups need their mother. I guess your relative is not a mother or has never had babies. Otherwise she would not be keeping the mother dog away from the pups. :(:(
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    WE are in for it now.

    How wonderful! You will be in Winter Wonderland. Enjoy!!
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    All my Dobermans together...

    Like!!! Those are perfect.
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    What is the one thing you splurge on?

    Books...books...books. I splurge on books. I love the smell of new books and can't resist buying them. I still have boxes of unread books and am looking forward to my retirement day so that I will have all the time in the world to read.
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    Everybody says HI!!!!!

    Great shots...beautiful colors!
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    Anyone have experience with OCD; Piper's x-rays included!

    I'm thankful none of my crew had this condition. Sending healing vibes to Piper. Get well soon girl. Sassafras' post is very informative. Thanks. ;)
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    What do you love about your dog?

    Poochie- her very sweet almost clingy temperament Bogs - a cat-like aloofness that instantly disappears when he sees that I need protection and affection Chooks - silly and puppy-like personality; one whose antics never fail to make make the whole family double up in...