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    What was your first experience with your favorite breed?

    When I was little, I was not allowed to have a dog. My Mom used to take me to the pet store all the time so I could play with the Collie puppies. I always hoped that one day we would go and my Mom would tell me that my Dad changed his mind and one of them was mine. I loved getting licked by...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Addie is super clingy lately. It is kind of cute. She is usually touching me in some way and has chilled with jumping up and nipping my stomach. If I sit with my DH, she has been sitting right with us, usually trying to lick me. She gets more perfrct every day.
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Anyone know if I join the FB group if it will show up on my wall? Waiting on my ultrasound early next month so I can do an announcement lol. Don't want all of FB-land to know yet. At least this isn't attached to my name here :)
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    Herding feet

    So, when Addie was a puppy, she had a tendency to herd feet. I knew it was going to be an issue and I tried stopping it. But everyone else, and their brother, thought it was the cutest thing ever. "No, she's ok" was the response or giggles. I tried getting her to stop because my Dad is older...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    FFS Addie, stop with the trying to kill me! The last three weeks have been non-stop herding of my feet (and only mine), rebounding off my stomach, standing up and pouncing on my leg, jumping on my head when laying down, doing zoomies around the house and jumping on my stomach like a launching...
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    Foundation Agility

    She has already learned left, and right (taught her that a while ago). We started target work on hands about 4 or 5 months ago and trying to transfer the touch command to objects. She loves running and weaving behind us and through our legs, lol. She has been on wobble boards before and is ok...
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    Rough collie breeders?

    I was going to say ByLuc Collies - we see her at shows around here and is right by me. But I realized you were in California LOL. I thought you were in FL. I have heard good things about Moxie Collies though.
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    Foundation Agility

    So - we are now on week 5 of basic obedience. Truthfully, Addie could probably go through basic obedience again, but only for certain things (like walking nicely). She is good with her sits, downs, her stay is up to 1 to 2 minutes. During her sit stay she tends to lay down after a bit though...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    She is 10 months old now. She went through puppy class at 5 months, and that covered basic leash walking, "watch me", sit, lay down, and some other things. Then she did three nosework classes, where in between turns she would have to be in the other room and we would practice (usually she got...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    No, I didn't see it but am going to have to look. I tried a clicker this morning, and then a clicker and treat. DH had more success than I did. The second "good" or "good girl" is said, she gets so incredibly happy and bounces and loses focus. So maybe we should stick with tbe clicker. We...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Training a bouncing, hopping, bitey face dog to walk nicely on a leash...well, bites, frankly. I am getting fed up. I am going to give it one more week, and then I will give up and let her be her and just do nosework with her. Breaks my heart but she just does not want to listen to me. She...
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    (Nosework advice!) What do you guys think?

    It looks like this group offers two kinds of Nose Work classes - the kind we do and one that is a job. We do what would be the "fun" Nose Work section of their website. Basically, it is just a big old game. Very reward driven (actually, you can get penalized if you don't reward your dog)...
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    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    Addie is now 10 months old, 13" (ish), and was 10.4lbs at the vet last week. Her adult coat is coming in nicely - if they hadn't shaved her belly and her arm for her spay, it would look even better. That is taking a while to come back. She loves having her rough back brushed so she has a...
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Yay!!!! I have been looking for updates all day. So glad to hear everything went OK.
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    The Venting Thread

    We had a talk yesterday and my DH told me something that really upset me. We talked more later on and he partially changed his mind. I don't really know how to feel right now. We have been jokingly bringing up this subject since forever, and I felt like I lost something. I thought we were on...