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    Quick question

    When is the best age to neuter a dog?
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    GSD biting

    Oh... ok I'll try something else
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    Spicy Puppy

    Okay, yesterday my sister was eating flaming hot cheetos and she got up for a sec and left the cheetos on the couch. Well, Luke saw his chance and sneeked one and it was two hot for him, I guess, because he was running all around the house, super fast. He was panting and whimpering and looking...
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    Shiva the Thief

    Heh. That makes me think of the time I came home from school and forgot to put my shoes away. I went upstairs to do my homework and since I didn't have a lot I thought I'd finish it and then put my shoes away, but when I came back Luke destroyed my sneakers.
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    Comment by 'soccerwoofer' in media 'Shiva & Kharma (8 1/2 months, 10 weeks)'

    Wow, Shiva a lot bigger than Kharma.
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    Comment by 'soccerwoofer' in media 'Shiva'

    What's she looking at?
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    Comment by 'soccerwoofer' in media 'Kharma - Catchin' Some Zzzzzzzs'

    Lol, don't all dogs sleep in weird positions?
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    Comment by 'soccerwoofer' in media 'Calypso, the Pet Bull'

    When you said you had a pet bull, I thought you were kidding, wow.
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    Dog babby siting

    Smart puppy. Where they like your neighbor?
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    GSD biting

    Renee's right, you should try talking to him in a stern voice when he bites. If he starts hurting you and you really really really want him to get off of you it's going to brake your hand, you should spank him off of you with your other hand. Maybe he's well-behaved in front of your trainer...
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    Newbie with two American Staffordshire Terriers

    HELLO! *dreamy sigh* I'd love to see a pic of your dogs. Hope you like it here! Monie
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    New to Site

    HELLO! Good luck on your site! It looks kinda like Chazhound. ;) Hope you like it here! Monie