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    Two Sides of Tito

    Thank you Barb. He is a sweetheart though I usually call him a soppy git. :)
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    Cremation Costs

    I am not based in the US so I have been doing some reading on how things operate there. It looks like there are three levels of service and these are fairly new classifications in as much as there was previously some confusion between individual and private. Individual Cremation – One Pet at a...
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    Cremation Costs

    I do some freelance writing and one of the things I have been asked to write about is Pet Cremation. I hope this doesn't overstep the bounds of the forum somehow but this would seem to be the ideal place to ask this question - have you used a pet cremation service and what sort of cost...
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    Two Sides of Tito

    He is a Presa Canario. At least most of him is. I am pretty sure there is some Great Dane in there because of the longer legs and shape of his head.
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    Do your dogs fight?

    Tito and Skye never fought. She was an old lady when he came in as a rambunctious pup though and she used to clip him round the ear when he got too rowdy. When he got older they used to playfight and he'd let her beat him up. They both had a ball and now he misses her as much as I do. I'll...
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    Lake photos

    Lovely pics. I can just smell the wet puppy fur on that first one. lol.
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    Two Sides of Tito

    Meet Tito - not looking his best. I used that pic to illustrate a dogs and fireworks article but actually he is not scared at all. He's frustrated. I was cleaning the floor up the corridor and when I stopped for a minute the mop handle dropped against one wall. I crossed it with the brush so...
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    Re-uniting a dog with it's person is MEANT to feel great.. I don't feel that way :(

    Oh boy. The green snot is a worry too. I hope you do find them again. If not you, as you say, the next one who does may just drop them at the pound. :(
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    Adopted dog acting depressed

    Hi Linda, Are you feeding her the same food she got in the shelter? I know you said about the amount but you never mentioned if there had been any change in what you were giving her. If the chewing on herself is a new thing then could there be something in the grass that she's allergic too...
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    What will your next dog be?

    I lost my lovely boxer Skye just before Christmas. I would take another boxer in red hot second. I currently have a Presa and though he would love to have another pup in the pack it is not to be for now. Although a boxer would be my first choice, I will most likely go and get a smaller shelter...
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    Jerry died today

    Thank you. Jerry was beautiful. He was also my cuddle cat. Lili is more aloof. Skye is too big to sit on my lap when I am working at the computer and Lili doesn't care too. I miss him so much. I'm sure Jerry and Bear will be great friends, Barb. It's nice to think of them together.
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    Chaos won't stop nursing on me!

    Years ago I had a cat who did this obsessively. He was a throwaway. Someone had found him and his siblings in a plastic bag at the roadside and taken the lot to the county fair to see if anyone would offer a home. My Dad was never one to miss an opportunity for a bit of fun, so driving home from...
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    Jerry died today

    My lovely cat Jerry died early this morning. I haven't been around Chaz for a while but I am in pieces and I know at least here I will be understood. I can't stop crying and work is impossible so instead I wrote the story of what happened to Jerry. I owe a few of you here an apology. Those...
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    Chaz Breeds (everyone Must Post Here!)

    Pug 1. Bruzer- owned by DanL 2. Hannah - owned by Showpug 3. Alice - owned by Showpug 4. Goose - owned by Showpug
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    Chaz Breeds (everyone Must Post Here!)

    What a great thread. I think it should be stickied so at any time anyone can check members of breeds they are interested in. Newcomers who come by and say thay have a GSD or whatever can be pointed to this thread so they can watch out for posts by owners of their breed. Could the the list...