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    Those with multiple dogs...

    We have three dogs, but we also do crate/rotate. Our BBM and golden mix are usually the ones together, while our terrier is mostly on his own. The big ones usually do play when they get bored (usually at 5am). When they get really excited, they'll start rolling around on the floor and...
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    Large vs. Small Senior Dogs

    I never personally owned a senior dog, but I worked in a shelter and we had a lot of senior dogs come in (unfortunately). I'd say the larger dogs are more difficult to care for because of the size. Taking them up and down the stairs, cleaning up their messes...smaller dogs were always easier...
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    The little terror

    And from 2 days ago...snow! These came out pretty bad but still will share :)
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    The little terror

    So the last post I made, we were looking for a name for our 5 month old puppy that we adopted. It took us a year to finally come up with something that suit him! His name changed a lot, and a few stuck for a short while but we came up with Hobbes. He's been a blast to own, completely different...
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    My Puppy is Weird

    Buddy did the same when we first got him at 8-9 weeks old. I'd walk with him in my arms to the other side of the street, and he'd run back home. I'd just do it farther and farther each day and eventually he'd just walk. :p
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    Why does naming have to be so difficult..

    So we adopted this little guy about a month ago and he still doesn't have a name. He's a 5.5 month old schnauzer mix, not sure exactly what. He's a pain in the ass, always getting hold of everything, taking clothes out of the basket and hiding them, chasing the cats..but what less is expected of...
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    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Looks like we joined the puppy group of 2k14
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    Let's talk colors.

    Yes we have! :) We've been working on it with them and they haven't fought at all (not even scraps) in three months. We have them separated when we leave the house but when we're around, they do great together. Not even a wrong stare or any tension so I'm really glad. The puppy will also be...
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    Let's talk colors.

    I think I like hunter green and leather. I'm not too crazy about the bright colors, maybe because he's a schnauzer mix and he has a sophisticated look rather than a puppy face. Ahhh so complicated!
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    How lightly does your dog sleep?

    My two are very light sleepers. I have no idea how it's possible when people take pictures of their sleeping dogs, mine are always up and alert with every sound.
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    Let's talk colors.

    I was wondering what colors go best on certain colored dogs. I have a golden boy, a brindle boy, and now we're pending for a black pup. We're going to go collar shopping for the new pup and I have no idea what colors to look at! I want to start shopping online now! :) So let's see those...
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    Dog parks

    Yes it is, but no one had ever told me that and I seen people bringing puppies all the time (forums, facebook, irl) and thought it was fine to do so. I know it definitely impacted him more being at that age. That's also the age where dogs treat puppies more as dogs than pups.
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    Gecko Behavior Help?

    My boyfriend's gecko will do the same thing, we hand feed him crickets sometimes as a treat and when he's had enough, he'll move his head and give us the cold shoulder. I think it's normal behavior. :)