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    Oh my gosh, I want this dog.

    Wow he is a STUNNER!
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    A crop question for those who know

    As picky as I am about ears (because I will admit that I can't STAND the dropped ear look on bully breeds), I think that his prick ears were ****ing AWESOME and ADORABLE! It's too bad that they had to crop them to be able to show and get anywhere. I always find it absurd that a dog can be...
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    Raw Diets - Finding Butchers?

    For me, the butchers in my area are either NOT actual butchers (as in the meat comes in mostly cleaned), or they already have raw feeders (often themselves) so they don't sell the "scraps". I just use a poultry wholesaler. I'm trying to find the same for other meat sources, since the raw...
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    What breed was your first dog?

    My Wally (Greyhound). Though all of my aunts, growing up, had GSDs. So that was really the first breed I was heavily exposed to.
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    folly's going back

    Agreed agreed agreed!! It is a totally horrible situation, but you did what was best for ALL dogs involved. I also agree with the people who suggested that Mushroom sensed an oncoming seizure (or at least something off about her). That can absolutely happen. I mean heck, that's why people...
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    Last Thing You Bought?

    Large veal parm sub.
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    Are there any dog breeds you find ugly/dislike the look of?

    EBs bother me a lot. I just look at them and get sad. But frankly any bracchiosephalic dog, and dogs with deformed limbs . . . anything structural that can cause major issues to a dog I just find really sad and those are the breeds/dogs I wouldn't own.
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    Todd, Maddy & Freuchie

    LOVE your hounds! That last picture reminds me a lot of my old Grey's "bedroom eyes". <3
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    Django is taking being a merle MONSTER seriously

    I'll trade you one merle monster for another! Yesterday Blue dumped the TV on the floor and **** in the livingroom. Dog on the table? That's nothing! LOL!
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    I do not give it. I have dealt with kennel cough in 2 out of my 6 dogs. Teeny was the worst, but only for one day, coughing and puking every hour for 24 hours. Teeny had been vaccinated against it, Isis (who also had it) had not been. But at the same time that those dogs that contracted it...
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    Am I the only one or...

    I'm at a total loss as to next dog breed myself. Not sure what I want to play bitework with (though I am about 90% sure I've decided on my sighthound breed, just not for bitework LOL!). Luckily that's still a few years away so I have time to think about it.
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    Superbowl plans? Food?

    Superbowl plans? Well I have training mid-day and then a dinner planned for the evening. No time for this football foolishness. It's all about dogs that bite and szechwan cuisine ;)
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    How often do you walk your dogs?

    Right now they're not getting walked at all. I don't like walking them on the sand/salt as it really affects their paws, plus if I slip on the ice my back will be thrown out and I'm done for. But in the non-snowy/icy weather I try to walk them everyday, but it usually ends up being 4 or 5...
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    Time for another poll! Can/does your dog hang all their body weight off a tug toy?

    With my bad back I can't pick up and swing my dogs around while playing tug, BUT on long catches Blue hangs on tight (even with his lack of teeth), and Teeny usually gets carried on drives by the decoy since she's so darn short. And if those things let go because their feet left the ground we...
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    So just how big is your dog?

    I don't really have any stacked pics, and definitely nothing recent. But here it is. Teeny Breed: Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Height: 18" Weight: 63 lbs. (but should be 60) (OOOOOLD pic) Blue Breed: Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Height: 21.5" Weight: 76 lbs. (Another...