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    Labrador Retriever

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    What is your timeline like for nextdog?

    I have no idea. I don't even know if nextdog will be a breeder, rescue, or rehome dog. It will probably be a Labrador though....unless it's not--lol
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    Labrador Retriever

    I have a lab, Jack, who is from show lines. I wouldn't call him laid back exactly, but he has never been a dog to need over 2 hours of exercise a day. Labs that are great family dogs get that way through proper training, guidance, and outlets for their energy. Jack is 8 and goes swimming...
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    I always knew this day might come...

    My lab is pretty solid with other dogs, and he has snarked at obnoxious dogs before. One thing you can do is look for a good reactive dog class. It really helped with Sally. Just breath and remember it's not the end of the world.
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    Taking Basic Gun Class

    I want to take a basic gun class this year. I'm a total beginner. I've fired a handgun of some kind at me uncles house a couple of times-it was loud, smoky, and I have no idea if I even hit the target. I'm honestly a bit intimidated by guns but would like to become more comfortable around...
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    Facebook Blocking?

    I've decided to hide all my status updates and shares (even the non-political ones since she seems to have taken something I posted that had nothing to do with her or the issue at hand as a personal attack), and if she posts anything to my wall or continues the PMs I'll go ahead and block her...
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    Facebook Blocking?

    I'm having some problems with my aunt on Facebook over a recent political issue in our state (the now infamous Indiana bill). I've shared articles, political cartoons, etc. My aunt disagrees strongly with me and has private messaged me trying to suck me into a one on one debate. Neither of us...
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    Paranormal or Unexplained Experiences?

    Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had any experiences you would classify as paranormal or otherwise unexplained? I've only really had one. I used to work at a boarding barn years ago. It happened on a fall morning when I was working by myself. The turnout paddocks were arranged...
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    Even with those that do see combat taking a life is not something that most (in my experience) take lightly. Often is kill or be killed, and in the case of snipers they often have to take one life to save other lives. Again, it's very easy to judge if you have not been in that situation...
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    As the saying goes, war is hell. While I think there obviously need to be standards of conduct for soldiers, I also think it's awfully easy to sit safely behind a computer and judge when you've never been in a combat situation. I am a staunch supporter of our troops. I don't always agree...
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    It's pretty much unheard of here to be arrested for purposely running over an animal. My parents aren't big animal people but I was raised that hurting animals for no reason/for fun, etc was just something that you did not do-not ever. When I told my coworker I thought it was wrong to...
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    We use Nexgard and love it! We had been using Frontline but I kept having flea issues, so we switched to Nexgard and haven't looked back. We use it year round.
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    Do your dogs hang out outside alone?

    Jack has no interest being outside alone. He will go out to potty and sniff around, but then he is right back at the door. If we are outside he will stay out indefinately though. Sally will stay out for longer than he will, but I don't see her just wanting to be out here by herself all...
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    Wedding etiquette question

    This. When I got married if I expected a particular significant other to attend the wedding I put that person on the invitation. Otherwise, the +1 was up to whomever the guest wanted to bring.
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    Kids Dating question (inspired by David Beckham)

    I had no interest in dating at age 14, but I would not have been allowed to at that age anyway. If I had kids I don't know that I would be allowing one on one dinner dates at 14 years old, but if I did, I don't know that I would sit and eat in the same restauant. I'd probably be the...