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    I hope you like my awesome pet portraits :)

    Wow! You painted those or is it photoshop?
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    Ha ha, love that analogy. Makes total sense.
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    Welcome. Have any puppies now?
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    Blue Wilderness

    Ha ha. That does help. I was thinking you had a bigger dog.
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    Blue Wilderness

    You're willing to cook for your dog? That's great but could cost alot of money time.
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    Blue Wilderness

    That stinks. You just buy one can to test it out or more then one?
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    Hello again

    Welcome back. How long has it been?
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    Blue Wilderness

    What type of food are you feeding your dog now?
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    Training or Abuse?

    Your boyfriend has some issues. You don't need to be that stern with your puppy. Only time I would ever touch my puppy was a spanking on the backside when the did their business inside the house. Never yield, kicked, or slapped them on the nose. Was loving and caring and they still listened...
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    Yeah, it helps clean their teeth, as in like a toothbrush.
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    Hello from Canada!

    You been here since 2004! Nice! What dogs do you have now?
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    Satin balls and diahorrea

    I never heard of satin balls. What are they and why do you want to feed them to your German Shepherd?
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    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to the site!
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    Muzzle for our American Bulldog

    How many times do you trim his nails?