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    Why I put Brenna down.

    as most of you know, I've had to put Brenna to sleep recently, I am only posting this to explain why. I feel better about it now, and have absolutely no regrets about it at all. Pretty much to sum it all up, Brenna got a big lump on the back of her neck a while ago and i had it removed and...
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    RIP, My Sweet Girl

    You where the best, I am lost without you. I can't watch you Suffer, you are in a much better place now, I will never forget you, because you saved me from killing myself and showed me the meaning to life and a reason to live. I will have another dog, but it could never be like you. I will fire...
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    slow laptop help

    What processor, RAM, and OS do you have? I would ditch avast and go with AVG. What do you use the laptop for? If you use it just for internet browsing, try running Puppy Linux on it. You can download a Live CD and run off just the CD and it won't even touch your HD.
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    Car malfunction light?

    I forgot about that, if it's blinking you need to pull the car over as soon as possible to prevent costly damage to the Catalytic converter.
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    Car malfunction light?

    The chack engine light will only come on due to an emissions problem, unless the car is acting weird or the engine is running rough or has miss fires I would not worry about driving it in town, if you bring it to a shop it will only take them about 10 minutes to figure out what the problem is...
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    Smart People

    Very very smart. lol
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    Computer nerd help?

    Sounds like the Hard Drive is warning you that it's about to go out. Back up while you can. It's easy to put a new HD in and get it working again, but will be costly to get your data off a broken HD.
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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

    That is just perfectly said.:hail:
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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

    I've got to ask reggin, What makes you think I didn't like you before Reggin was taken to the shelter?
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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

    Let's see then, I pay all of my own bills, ges transport, fix my own cars, I recently had to sell one of my project cars to pay for an unexpected vet bill, but that was all sorted out already. Since I am living on campus, I can not keep Brenna with me, I knew about this months ahead of the time...
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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

    Don't go down that road, that's all I'm saying, you have NO clue about My life.
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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

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    Ive been quiet about this for too long....

    But you would have either put the dogs with friends, or got help from chaz, first, not just go down and dump them off at a shelter right off. She moved into a place that she knew he was not allowed in, with out any other plan for him at all. and that was before all the drama happened too...
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    Heartbreaking computer "mistake"

    When you erase a file, it is always still there, until something else replaces it. I can tell you already that your programs will not be recovered, pictures and music, may be recovered.