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    Internet Hunting

    Has anyone heard of "Internet Hunting"? I posted an article from the Humane Society on my blog about it. Apparently, people are paying to shoot and hunt animals via remote-controlled rifles and webcams. If they kill an animal, it is sent to them freezer-packed. Here's a link to the...
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    Hello from California!

    My name is Jon and my dog is a pit named Sunny Coco Bubbles. I just started the first dog rescue blog and I'm so excited to help animals in need. If you own a rescue too, let's link each other. Just e-mail through my site. I can't wait to talk about important issues and not-so-important...
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    New Dog Rescue Blog

    Hi, I just started the first blog dedicated to dog rescue. Please help me spread the word so we can save more precious pooches! the url is: Thanks, Jon p.s. If you have a rescue website, I'd love to trade links. Just e-mail me through my website.