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    Your Dogs Nicknames

    Zuma: Doom, Zuminator Bazinga: Beiber, Beebaleeb, Belieber, Beebs Zip Tie: Zip Tizzle Mighty Mouse: Miss Might, Might Might Edgar: Ed!! Famous: Kitty, Fay May Envy: Pony Taboo has no nicknames because I love her name.
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    You are dedicated!! Yes, right now I think we're planning on ordering pizza at my place on Friday just because we have a few people coming in late. I'm going to pm you my phone number so that we can keep you updated!
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    I know PW and maybe a couple other people will be here Friday evening. So I bet we'll be eating!
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    Awesome!! I had no idea that you were local. Please do bring a pop up. Updog is on the working dog field, ask the guard as you pull in and he should be able to direct you.
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    Yes! Where are you planning on staying? I have room for camping outside, or an air mattress somewhere, but all of my rooms are taken at this point. Friday 3:30-6:30 NADD Dock Diving Comp Saturday 8:00-5ish UpDog Challenge 3:30-6:00 NADD Dock Diving Comp 6ish Dinner at Sara's 8ish...
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    Which dog breed would you rather own

    Standard poodle, good one! Whippet or saluki?
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    In which Pippa goes through an awkward phase

    Her face looks so much like envys that I do a double take every time you post on Facebook! Gorgeous girl, love those legs.
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    Do you have a favorite?

    Oh ya. I totally rank mine from favorite to least. Zinga is the favorite because she's rotten and a challenge. The easiest dogs tend to be my least favorite for whatever reason. The high maintenance ones are always near the top of my list. Zinga Famous Zuma Zip Tie Taboo Kickass...
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    I can definitely drop you off. As long as you don't book a 4am flight, I don't do well that early. :P
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    Also, if you are going and you're not my friend on Facebook please add me so that I can add you to the event page to keep everyone in the loop. Sara Brueske in Pacific, MO.
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    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    There's plenty of outdoor camping space or indoor space for air mattresses. I have two guest bedrooms with beds (I know one is taken already), two rooms without beds that air mattresses would fit in, a couch and room for a three or so more air mattresses in the dog training room. If anyone wants...
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    Car chasing tendencies?

    I tend to go the conservative approach with puppies, meaning I manage and hope it goes away without too much intervention. Work focus away from it so the you have a great history of focus being rewarded when you do go back to it. I wouldn't let him practice it at all, if you have no choice but...
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    Disc Suggestion

    LOL, that's because skill has the softest mouth known to man. I like the CS pup discs but the Jawz Pups are going to last a heck of lot longer. For a hard mouthed dog, I wouldn't even mess with the CS.