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    Economical source of cheap fish oil?

    Flaxseed "Flaxseed oil is predominately alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that must be converted inside the body to EPA and DHA (the fatty acids found in fish) in order to be utilized. Dogs can’t do this conversion very well, so flaxseed oil provides limited benefits for...
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    Economical source of cheap fish oil?

    Capsules are generally cheaper I also assumed that the bulk oil would be cheaper, but decided to check out the difference. After doing the math, I was surprised to find that the capsules were actually cheaper. Probably because of sales volume. So if you think the bulk is cheaper, double...
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    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    Noses There is a difference between a black nose that has faded (snow nose) and one that is completely liver colored from birth. A black nose that has faded will have at least some darker coloring around the edges. A Pharoah hound nose will be uniform in color from edge to edge.
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    Getting into breeding

    The one common element for dedicated breeders is that they fell in love with their breed and they want to be a part of its future. They want to preserve the breed and keep it going in the right direction. They want to produce the best examples of the breed that they possibly can. It is great...
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    What does grooming involve at your house?

    Here's what I do with my two Samoyeds. Disclaimer: both girls so they have less coat, I select for a more moderate working coat (not as long) and also select for great coat texture. Also since they are intact they have better texture and don't have that huge thick spay coat. If we are not...
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    Dog Classes

    One really important thing I like to see in puppy classes is passive restraint. Positive training is great, and I use it 95%. But I think accepting restraint is an exception. Sometimes we have to do things to our dogs that they...
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    Health Testing and CHIC Numbers

    depends In Samoyeds, I think you need a PRA test for a CHIC number. This eye disease has been pretty much wiped out in the breed, at least among responsible breeders. Also a potential breeding dog may be cleared by parentage and so the breeder would consider that test a waste of money. I think...
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    Intact Male Question

    age related? Possibly your dog is reaching an age where he is feeling more confident or even cheeky. He's beginning to reach social maturity. Perhaps the other dogs think he needs to be reminded of his place.
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    Do you think there are any critical periods for learning development in dogs?

    socialization periods Diamonds in the Ruff has a lot of info in their behavior FAQs section. Here is one on early socialization.!earlysocialization/c1e7 The optimum socialization time is up until 12 weeks. After that the window of socialization begins to...
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    Any decent dry/spray shampoo?

    I like Self Rinse Plus. We use it to clean feet and hocks on our white dogs the morning of a dog show. There are other brands but most are too foamy and cost a lot more. It's a liquid but dries pretty fast. I usually spray it on and rub with a towel.
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    Need Breed Suggestions!

    It's great that you will have plenty of time for a puppy, but I want to warn you about a potential pitfall. Puppies who always have somebody around can miss out on learning to be okay being left alone. Then when circumstances change and they have to be left they are prone to develop separation...
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    The Tuck Sit

    My old obedience instructor had us hold the treat stationary right in front of and slightly above their nose, while the other hand scooped them into a sit with pressure at the back of the knee (stifle.) Dogs fight this less than they would pressure on the butt from above, but it still might take...
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    You Know You're a Dog Lover When...

    ... when you hold out your hand to somebody and ask them to "put it in my paw.":o
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    Grooming routine on big coats

    You are right If the dog has loose undercoat you need to get most of that out before bathing. Also any tangles or matts need to come out because they will get worse after wetting. If there's a lot of coat packed in there, when you get it wet it basically becomes felt. You can either brush it...
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    Shampoo recommendation!

    I know what you mean I have Samoyeds and agree that some of the whitening shampoos can be too harsh for some coats. For example, Chris Christensen's White on White works great but if used regularly can be damaging to a Samoyed coat. 1st in Line White Lightning is pretty good, but maybe just...