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    NashnSegersmom !!!!!

    I agree! That little Nash just makes my day:D
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    Head shots, 3 yr old Rottie female

    she's glowing!:D
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    I dont understand *pic*

    come ON Tim- quit hogging the whole sofa!
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    Done Deal

    yup. pugs are in my top 5 breeds right up there with frenchies:D
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    Done Deal

    tell me they are all spoken for I have wanted a pug forever
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    Done Deal

    tell me they are all spoken for I have wanted a pug forever
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    My beautiful puppy ...

    OMG I'm so sorry Saje. My heart aches for you. I've been checking in at Chaz daily only to check on Sakari. I wish so much that things could have turned out differently. She was obviously a special special dog. You could see her sweetness in the pictures. Run free sweet girl. You'll sure be...
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    Switching from Innova adult to EVO...

    I would go gradually and err on the side of underfeeding to start with. The higher fat content can cause the yucky-d. Did you check the company website for feeding amounts? I'm 99.99% sure it's it's a pretty useful site actually. Some dogs tend to eat quite a bit less. I...
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    Sakari update

    saje-is there a chance that this wil limprove in time?
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    I think sakari has to go to the vet

    +5 fingers crossed everything's ok
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    Portuguese Water Dog.

    I'm not a sporting dog person. I much prefer herding dogs, but of all the sporting dogs, they are my favorite by far. I love that they are smart, athletic, bubbly, friendly, versatile dogs. They also don't seem to have suffered from over breeding / bad breeding practices the way some of the...
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    EVO and Natura might recall

    That's what I'm thinking. It hasn't been mentioned at "better dog care" or "our dogs online" least not yet.
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    chaz good vibes needed

    FWIW, apparently reading hip x-rays is somewhat of an art form and it also requires that the x-rays be really good shots. Before I would put my young dog through surgery, I would want those x-rays repeated in a f6 months and I would get them OFA or Penn Hip'd. Then you'll really know where...
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    I think sakari has to go to the vet

    Oh goodness I'm glad I went to the last page first or I would have been crying when things are actually looking up. I sure hope this is the turning point and the steroids work thier magic. We're pulling for you.
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    I think sakari has to go to the vet

    Ack! That's not good. I hope she turns around with some fluids and gets better. I would be checking (or have dh) everywhere the dogs go for poison or anything that she might have gotten into. Keep us posted. ((big hugs))