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    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    She's far past just diet changes. And stopping the steroid shot just makes it come back. Benadryl does not help at all.
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    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    Kota has always been allergic to corn. Yes she is fed a grain free diet.
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    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    Do you know the dosage for a 50lb dog?
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    Something for severe allergies besides Benadryl

    Kota's vet has put her on some medication for allergies. The med is called Depo-Medrol Injection. The problem is that if she keeps taking this med it can cause liver failure. This is a long shot, but does anyone know of any supplements or OTC medicine that will help her? We've already tried...
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    If your close to anyone on the board ask them if you can use them as a reference. Just because you've never met in person doesn't mean you can't use them as a reference. ;)
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    Only if it put too much pressure on the incision. Oh and make sure you have loose cloths that you can wear. I didn't have many cloths and it was hard to find something I could stand to wear for about a week.
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    My DD was vag 10 yrs ago and just last May I had a c/s. What specifically do you want to know? With recovery my nurses urged me to do what I could. The more I moved the faster I recovered. Though don't overdo yourself either. You'll want to have meals frozen so they can just be microwaved...
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    Swimsuits, what style do you like?

    I generally try to avoid wearing a bathing suit. But I joined the YMCA this year and my favorite place to be is in the pool so I've decided to just say F it and go. I have a black swimsuit that's a one piece and it has a little half skirt only in the front. I really like the vintage one piece...
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    My husband is bipolar so I know how you feel. It's sometimes exhausting to see your spouse go through so many mood swings. I've been lucky in that my husband recognizes he has a problem and tries to control himself. He just gets quiet, but that in and of itself is bothersome. I've wrote...
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    Do you want a kid/kids?

    I wanted two kids and that's what I got. Albet a little too far apart but eh, its what fate decided. My Dd is 10 yrs old and my DS is 11 months.
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    Hermit crab with an innovative mind. Cute. Watch.

    lol. I use to have hermit crabs. They are fun but hard to take care of.
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    I use to sew a lot. Now not so much and since moving I don't have my machines here with me. So I've been crocheting because its portable and doesn't take up a lot of space.
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    Are you bothered by vocal dogs?

    I've always loved your dog pictures. But I couldn't live with them either. I hate yappy small dogs. Thank goodness Kota isn't a vocal dog, though for a collie that is unusual.
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    Cheapest Place to Buy

    I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy quality dog food online. The brands I'm looking at most are Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul or TOTW. I've found Chicken soup for $57.27 with shipping here. Anyone know of a cheaper place to buy it online (Shipping price included)? Some...
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    I hate this part

    Just enjoy the moments you do have. We all have to die sometime. But I'm willing to bet you don't sit around and worry about your own death. He doesn't either! Just make him as comfortable and well loved as you possibly can. That's all any of us can do.