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    Concerned about Dekka

    How old is Dekka? Have you checked her liver enzymes? You nearly explained to a tee what Abbey's behavior was before her treatment started. We suspected dementia and maybe kidney issues but instead it was her liver starting to fail and the result was hepatic encephalopathy.
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    Dumb Question? Why can't you shave a dogs legs? Or can you?

    Typically you put a comb on a ten blade. If you are not experienced with grooming always go in the direction of the fur. Also, if you are using a comb you need to make sure 100% that their are NO mats, because with a comb you will snag them and risk cutting the dog. I personally like a #7 on the...
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    Dumb Question? Why can't you shave a dogs legs? Or can you?

    DO NOT USE A SKIP TOOTH!!!!!! Especially if you do not know how to groom. Many professionals opt not to use them because of the danger factor. One wrong move and you could have a serious emergency trip on your hands.
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    Dumb Question? Why can't you shave a dogs legs? Or can you?

    Of course you can! Nearly all of my schnauzer clients get shorter legs in the winter time, or we remove the furnishings all together. The snow is a pain on those hairy legs! As was already said, you could do it yourself or best bet is just to go to a groomer all together. Not many groomers will...
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    PCOS and endometriosis here. I have been dealing with this for a very long time! I am an insulin dependent diabetic, overweight, have to wax the extra hairs, and infertile (but after lots of treatments I have a son who is turning 5 in a few weeks!). Diabetes is something to really think long and...
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    How much time and how well mannered?

    I spend nearly 24 hours a day with my dogs. They come to work with me, we do everything together. I even brought my dogs on my honeymoon and had them participate in my wedding 7 years ago. With that said, I have a beagle. I love him, I really do, most of the time.... I train with him daily, etc...
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    Major irritation after bad grooming

    Couple of questions first, how long was your pups coat before the groom and was the coat matted? How often do you get your dog groomed?
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    Panzer is turning into a handsome young man

    That is one stunning boy! WOW!!!
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    A request for "Chaz Puppies of 2015"

    2015 puppy plans have been decided on and now we start the waiting game!!!! Next year my first ever non-rescue Saint will be joining our family (co-own)!!! A smooth coated male show prospect will be hitting the ground next springish if everything works out ok! I am so excited about this pup and...
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    Well, I have a beagle. I swore I would never have one but I do. I swear I will never have another one...and I mean it this time. Don't get me wrong, I love my hound to death but a beagle isn't the easiest breed in the world to own. Training wise, he is super easy. He is so food motivated that I...
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    If you had to pick one of these cities...

    Toronto has pretty much the same climate as Boston. So don't get too caught up in the everyone there must live in igloos/travel by dog sled/play hockey ALL the time/etc! Warm in the summer, cold in the winter. If it were me though I would pick San Fran.
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    Grooming routine on big coats

    I'm betting that the use of the dryer was what caused the tangles. Neither my huskyX or my Saint get a brush out before I groom them (and I own a grooming shop). I always use my HV dryer in the direction of their coat. So many people think that moving the dryer around will dry the dog quicker...
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    "Dog park People"

    Sure, my own dogs working some things out amoungst themselves, but never ever a strangers dog and my own working something out. How could I possibly know if the other dog is 'level headed'. And how could I possibly know if the dog that is being rude and inappropriate will respect a 'level...
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    "Dog park People"

    Couldn't agree more with Boston Banker!!! I am not a fan of dog parks. I used to avoid them at all costs but I do have a beagle that LOVES a good game of chase at the park. He loves it so much that every once in a blue moon I take him there. Simply put, 15-20 people who love their dogs dearly...
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    Joint Supplements

    I have been researching joint supplements like mad over the past two weeks. So I am glad that I decided to pop back into Chaz for a peek to see what people are using here. There are no peer reviewed studies that conclusively agree that glucosamine and chondritin are effective at relieving pain...