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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    That's basically how I see it. Also, if you use a dog for hunting, and you hunt for sport, I still see it as working. I mean something had to be done with the dead animals you bring home, whether you eat them or mount them or whatever you do with them. The dog isn't in it purely for the...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    I can't really be held liable for how you perceive it. Especially when you posting what you assumed I meant got other people riled up about it - when it wasn't at all what I meant.
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    Really? It's called conversation. People have been whining lately about not having many topics since they're all in massive threads. So here I make a topic that apparently at least some people are interested in, and I get called out for making a topic that's pointless because I'm trying to...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    If the dog isn't trained and doesn't work, then it's not a working dog. Just because a dog goes with a person doesn't mean it's working, but there are dogs that are trained hunting dogs. If it's not trained, it's just a pet accompanying you in the field. If I drug a pet dog around with me to...
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    The Venting Thread

    Wat. How does that even make sense. How are you supposed to read it if it's a tiny picture in a text!? And what are you supposed to do with it? I mean, I'd assume it's a spreadsheet for a reason...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    I like this, but it's still a bit hit-and-miss. Most jobs that dogs do have alternatives, it's just that dogs are better at it/preferred by the person. Someone could use a long cane instead of a guide dog if they're not a dog person. Some people herd from ATVs instead of with dogs. For some...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    Okay, rat terrier. If they're actually a WORKING rat terrier, they could be...well, hunting rats. Or they could be a service dog. Or a therapy dog. Or any number of things. But to me, a rat terrier doing Barn Hunt is NOT a working dog. It's a dog having fun, sure, but it's not a working dog.
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    Still doesn't cover it. As I said, Logan wasn't bred for guiding or retrieving or anything he does when he's working. It's a job, he does it, but this definition means he's not a working dog. It also means his dad, who was a SAR dog, wasn't a working dog, since he wasn't bred to be a SAR dog -...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    I don't quite agree with this. Herding for sport/titles is totally different from herding because the animals NEED to be herded, even if it's done by the same kind of dog (or the same dog). That definition would mean that Barn Hunt trials - done for fun - are "work" for some dogs and not others...
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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    I see "working dog" tossed around SO MUCH, and I feel most of the time it's not used properly. Not to be confused with "working-line dog" of course. To me, a working dog is a dog that has an actual job - service dogs, SAR dogs, police dogs, herding dogs that work as real herding dogs on a...
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    Was I wrong?

    This is just so full of "it depends." Is a serval legal in the area? If legal, is it legal to have it in public? (Around here any large exotics are required to be contained in very specific enclosures at all times, not leashed in public). Was it specifically an off-leash area, or was there...
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    The musing thread

    Good luck! The other candidate for the job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago is interviewing tomorrow. I'm going to die before I find out what their decision is, I swear! I'm hoping they decide SOON, as the end of the week. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO...
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    if you moved out of your current living situation who would keep the dogs?

    I will keep Gavroche and Logan. They're my dogs. My parents will keep Saxon. He's their dog. Simple.
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    Contacting Dog's Past Home?

    I'd definitely want updates and pictures if the new family was willing to share.