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    New Dog Directory

    Thanks for the prompt response guys! Chazhound has added my directory to the Chazhound directory... thank muchly. I've highlighted your entry in Training Dog Breeds directory - Chazhound Listing - I didn't know which Group you would prefer to go in, so I made it the Working Breeds Group...
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    Dog eating cat poop in litter box

    You're probably feeding your cat too well. :D
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    I've been doing my research but still need help...

    I agree, going to some of the shelters and rescues in your city is the best way to get an idea of the type of dog you like. You may find that you actually prefer a different type to the Toy once you actually interact with them Don't choose on your 1st or 2nd visit though, go a few times...
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    Are pointers hounds?

    Pointers are Sporting Dogs leaughxp, Labradors, Pointers, Spanials etc are from the Sporting group of dogs... many of which are gundog and water dog breeds. It would not be unusual for your mix breed dog to point if he has Lab in him. Being mixed bred, you can't really know what breeds are...
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    G'day Guys, I'm in Australia, and I breed Greyhounds... they're my fastest friends.