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    The Venting Thread

    I can't even imagine, nor could i put any better, all my thoughts are with you though.
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    You find a dog...

    Keep it for a whole week, don't contact the spca, or animal control, post a couple adds on a local Facebook page, then decide to find the dog a is wrong with people?
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I don't know, but I'm just as bad, I bought three bottles of Chris Christensen shampoo for Bristol, yes I bath her often, but I use a tablespoon each bath, maybe...I guess I thought she needed a lifetime supply at one shot. Then Diesel has his own Shampoo and Gage has his own shampoo, then...
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    Home Training Room Equipment

    For where I live a treadmill that we could both use during the several months of winter (-40 winter) would be essential.
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    What breeds are they?

    Nope not a clue.
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    Snapshot from your day

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    Metal Mementos

    Bwahahaha. Awesome.
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    Death Penalty-Can Someone Explain This?

    Delivering a torture sentence would make that judge no better then the criminal.
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    Death Penalty-Can Someone Explain This?

    Most of those who hurt children end up getting worse, other criminals have no sympathy for they either.
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    Death Penalty-Can Someone Explain This?

    I am ok with the death penalty, but torture...not ok. And death penalty should be reserved for those who are without a doubt guilty, like the person in this story, or Dalmer, you find people's body parts in his freezer he should get the death penalty. Charles Manson should have had the death...
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    Adoption Requirements?

    The contracts for my dogs from breeders were typical references, vet reference, and that the dog would be returned not sold or given away, unless the breeder approved the new home, and that if they found out that the was not being cared for they retained the right to take the dog back. But it...
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    Adoption Requirements?

    You are not the only one, honestly I have even written off being able to adopt from my spca. They have crazy requirements. Neither of the breeders I got my pure reds from even did a home check, and none of the breeders I'm talking to now ask for a joke check. But some rescues have some strict...
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    Some new ones!

    Very pretty :)
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    Agility Fun!

    Thanks toy your pictures Mandy my friend thinks I should teach her pug agility lol.