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    Over stimulation on walks

    Hi again -- I don't know if those questions were meant for me, TheDeena, but I'll answer anyway and see if anyone has had similar experiences. My pitt is neutered. His reactivity comes from a lack of socialization with other dogs and some fearful experiences fighting with them (we found him very...
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    Over stimulation on walks

    Have you had any luck or found anything that worked since you posted this? I rescued pitt mix who is highly reactive to other dogs on-leash and I have the same problem -- he's great at "Touch" and paying attention to me inside, but like you, 50% of our walks (if not more) is spent above...
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    Any experiences with leash reactivity and Gary Wilkes' method of inhibition training?

    Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone has experiences with using Gary Wilkes' methods with a leash reactive dog. Wilkes stirs up a good deal of controversy but others seem to love him, and I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences using his methods. To start this out, I'm...