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    Dog costumes!

    Batter up.
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    Getting Busted

    Have you got a picture of your dog doing something he was not suppose to do. I have two of them. The first picture was taken when Tramp thought I was not looking so he helped himself to what ever food was left on the stove. The second one began when a neighbor asked me if I had Tramp in...
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    The most favorite picture of your dog EVER

    The Graduate When I graduated from college, Dylan was always by my side when I was studying so I felt he deserved his own graduation.
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Tramp's puppy pictures Tramp's puppy pictures in 2005 Me with my brothers. Taking it easy. Trying to look cute. Trying to look cute again. me and my best friend.
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    Post Pictures of your Dogs as Puppies

    Dylan as a puppy Here is Dylan as a puppy way back in 1992 Looking guilty about something. Randy is going to be mad when he sees the mess I made. Stereotype image. Dog fetching newspaper. My first winter. Trying to escape. After my first swim. I have the TV Guide here...
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    I think I know why Tramp had seizures

    This past Tuesday afternoon, I ate some rice pudding. As usual, Tramp got the cups out of the garbage can and licked them. When I went to work, I had to leave almost immediately because I got severe stomach cramps. When I got home, I noticed Tramp had urinated and crapped in the same place...
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    Thinking about getting another dog

    I was thinking about getting another dog for various reasons. At first, I wanted to get another Golden retriever from an adoption site for Golden retrievers only. I talked to my landlord and he was concerned on how one Golden would want to be boss over the other one and suggested I do some...
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    Lost your dog?

    After reading GoingNowhere's story about three lost dogs prompt me to ask: Did you ever lose your dog? It happened to me only once. I was out bowling when I got a call from my sister saying Apollo ran away. It seems when my grandparents came back from the grocery store, Apollo ran out the...
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    I would have asked her if she was from the planet moron.
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    Need name suggestions!!!

    Professional wrestler Baron Von Rashke was the master of the claw! As you see in this picture of Tramp, he is the master of the paw! TRAMP 2005-
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    I have a couple stories on Dylan's swimming ability. One I might have mentioned before, but what the hell. We all like talking about our dogs anyway. The first story is about the first time I went swimming by my landlord's house. Ron, my landlord, had a man made lake on his property. It was...
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    Dylan had another seizure

    I am already doing that. Tramp and I really appreciate your concern.
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    Dylan had another seizure

    Yes! But since Tramp has seizures infrequently, the vet says he does not have to be on medication.
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    Dylan had another seizure

    Tramp had another seizure this past Wednesday. It has been almost before his last one. The weird thing is that the last two seizures Tramp had, I was sick those two days also. I wonder if it is something we ate. This last seizure Tramp had was not so bad. It was over before it started. The...
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    What attracted you to your dog?

    APOLLO-Soon after I turned 18 years old, my friend Rich asked me to move in with him. I said yes almost immediately because he said I would be able to get a dog. It was Thursday night, a day before I moved in with Rich. We were walking downtown and stopped by the local pet shop where I would...