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    How old do people think your dogs are?

    Everyone thinks Rumor is incredibly young, and it's most likely because she's crazy. She's finally gotten some grey on her muzzle in the past several months so I think we're past the days of everyone assuming she's a puppy, but no one ever guesses her to be well on her way to 10. I've noticed...
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    Halloween Costumes!!

    I'm going as Fionna from Adventure Time. Boyfriend is going as Prince Gumball.
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    Car Care

    Definitely at any auto parts store, but you can also find most, if not all, of them at Target or Walmart. I far prefer Invisible Glass. I have Rain-X and it's sooo streaky. You can always clean your windshield and then wax it.
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    Car Care

    Outside... Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax and a good microfiber. I wash it at least every week. Clay bar every month or so. I use Meguiar's Ultimate paste wax. I have a RO polisher with a few different compounds, but I'm not usually motivated enough to use it unless it's critical. For my wheels...
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    The Venting Thread

    Come home. Puppy is out of control full of energy and Rumor isn't interested. Get them to ignore each other with some obedience, but he goes right back to pestering her. I let her tell him off, he settles. We go up to bed and he wants to lay with her. She wants him to **** off. Get her settled...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Why did I think puppy sitting would be a good idea? Rumor hasn't been a puppy in forever. I forgot how to puppy.
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    Pricing help?

    We've bought photos from the track photographer before and it's been two for $15. Full resolution, no watermark. Photos from photographers on TOD are about the same - $7 or $8 per photo, discounts on multiples.
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    Do you have "dog friends" in real life?

    Kind of. My "dog friends" are just car friends that are also into dogs, lol.
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    The Venting Thread

    My cat is wearing an e-collar but still keeps managing to rip his bandage off when I'm not looking. Stop before I duct tape you to the ceiling.
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    More questions you might not be able to answer... Living costs/budgeting?

    I'd rather go to San Diego Zoo than Disneyland. Mostly because I remember Disneyland sucking compared to Disneyworld. But I'd also rather spend time in SD than LA, so maybe I'm not much help.
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    If you had to pick one of these cities...

    San Fran. Because I'd live there, but only if San Diego wasn't an option.
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    Anxiety meds (for a human)

    You described me almost perfectly. I have generalized anxiety disorder and take citalopram. It's made a huge difference. I can do things by myself and not freak out. Not only just things, but new things. It's amazing and great and awesome. If you think you want to try medication, talk to a...
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    How do you pronounce chipotle?

    Chih-poat-lay. Emphasis on the 'poat' lol.
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    The Good News thread

    I was having fun blasting through snow in the S4 one time, and then I hit ice. Nope nope nope.
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    The Good News thread

    I made cinnamon white chocolate almond meal pancakes two days in a row.