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    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    +1 you need to meet dogs, and meet the breeder's dogs. Tollers are great dogs on paper - great size, biddable, playful, active, good drives for sports - but they're a personality you either like or you don't. It's not just the screaming thing (which isn't *such* a big deal if you stay on top of...
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    Heel tutorial vids

    I love Fanny Gott's backwards walking: It's hell to understand from that blog post though :P It makes much more sense in her online class and in person. It's a really elegant method. I can adjust the difficulty for the dog in a lot of different ways and...
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    Living far from family

    I just moved from 20 minutes away from my aunt and grandmother to 8 hours away. I am very close with both of them. It's been six weeks, but it hasn't been too hard. It's nice that it's a day/day and a half drive, I will be able to go home for my grandmothers funeral without much trouble. Which...
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    Sports proscpects vs. Liveability: a poll

    So I agonized over my poll answer and couldn't pick one :P I would describe my personal dogs as extremely livable with. I don't worry about them. They are nice pets, for me. They don't do stuff that annoys me (I'm willing to put up with a lot to avoid having to train manners) and can deal...
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    Golden retriever x pharaoh hound mix?

    Can we see a picture of the OP's dog? I think it's quite unlikely the dog is Pharaoh Hound/Golden cross; a cross like that wouldn't look like an off-colored Pharaoh Hound. It would be more substantial, probably wouldn't have ears that stand all the way up, and probably wouldn't have the short...
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    Tips for a New Puppy? Intact Male

    :rofl1: Pilot is precocious, he was gross by 5 months :rofl1:
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    Has anyone else fed their dog crickets?

    I haven't intentionally fed them crickets, but we've been in Petco so I just assume they've eaten a couple dozen each.
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    How to keep coat from drying out

    You can dilute shampoo, too. I put about 8ish ounces of shampoo in a milk jug and fill the rest with water. I bathe my dogs once a week to every other day, and diluted shampoo + conditioner makes it a non issue.
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    What are you currently feeding?

    Nutrisource Lamb & Peas. I really like it, Marsh looks amazing on it and he's looked crummy on pretty much everything expect THK for years. The results aren't as amazing on Pilot, but I haven't found anything I like as much and if I switch Marsh I'm never happy.
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    Fenzi Courses

    Yes, she is. If you're in the FDSA Alumni group on FB, Denise made a post about it.
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    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    ROFL, well, I've got Tollers, so, more little collie crosses isn't a bother to me :lol-sign:
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    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    I've read some old threads and learned Silken Windhounds are small Borzoi, and Long Haired Whippets are... long haired Whippets. :eek: How do they compare to a Borderwhippet? I find them all extremely attractive dogs, and I've met a couple Whippets over the years that were just really cool dogs...
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    Fenzi Courses

    I took the second class when it was FE235 and bought the first as a prereq, then I took the first class when it was DS230. I didn't have the money to take the 2nd class, or I would have. I want to take her structure and motion class too... Honestly I would take "Teach your dog to sit" (which...
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    Fenzi Courses

    Sue's confo class is AWESOME. I learned SO much - training for conformation, showing procedure and how to not look like a noob, structure, handling tricks - it was awesome. I got a huge value from the class. One of the best compliments I've ever gotten on my training was from a pro handler who...
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    What breed would you be?

    A poorly socialized, slightly nervy German Shepherd. Companionable with people I know, but entirely uninterested in making new friends. Easily motivated by things I like (toys, food, and games) and wants to bite things I do not like.