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    bed bug sniffing dogs

    avent heard about the sniffing dogs but heard about the bed bugs! GROSS!
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    petsmart training?

    Hey there, I actually took my puppy to petsmart training way back when. It was a good class but alot of the stuff could be done at home and i believe it cost about $100. Plus most of the actual training is done at home without the trainer there. I have a good comprehensive puppy training...
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    When is my puppy an adult..?

    Teaching "leave it" is a great idea, if she knows "no" and goes back, this might not work however. A nice chew toy is your best bet. You need to find her a chew toy that she loves, that she cant be without! Some dogs stay in puppy-mode until they are into their second year. You know what they...
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    Why is he doing this???

    12 weeks is still young! People find that they are having the same problems with their dogs as you have with yours. Keep the pup on a tight rope while you are in the house, i.e. keep the pup on a leash attached to you while you are in the house. Also, take the pup out to pee fairly freqently so...
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    leash training for puppies

    Have you tried keeping him close to you by using treats? Small treat bites? Dogs are creatures of habit, if you slowly phase out the treats, eventually the dog should stay by your side.
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    Growling during play time?

    Growling is not a problem when playing tug because most dogs do it. The problem begins when growling turns into biting, snapping, snarling, etc. If the dog knows it is play time, and ends the playing when you want it to end, you should be fine. If it escalates into biting, you must discipline...
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    Puppy Training Advice Site

    I have a great website with a comprehensive 40 pages puppy training e-book. I have gotten great feedback on it and it is for older dogs too. If you are having trouble training your puppy and dont want to pay $100 for dog training or $30 for a training book, visit
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    How long should housebreaking take?

    Housebreaking takes different amounts of time depending on your dog. Some people can housebreak their dog within months, others can take up to two years. Some dogs can never be housebroken, even if the owner follows all housebreaking guidelines. The time has to dog with dog size, breed, and...
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    Which breed?

    SummerRiot is correct. Using a dog as a "watchdog" is cruel. Most places, if the dogs bites, even if the burglar was breaking in, will be put down. I would listen to SR's advice and get a great security system.
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    Names, names, names!

    I think Baxter is perfectttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
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    training advice

    I have a comprehensive training e-book on my website,, 40 pages in all. It is designed for puppies but the same training methods apply to dogs of all ages. A DOG IS NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN NEW TRICKS.
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    HELP! Dog plays too rough!

    Yes, ignoring the dog is the best thing to do. Sometimes it can take up to a month or two to correct the problem. You will not be damaging the dog by giving it o attention. As long as you still feed it and walk it, it knows its still part of the pack!
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    need help

    This problem could be stemming from something that happened to him prior to when you got him. Alot of times, dogs will act strange in certain situations due to a traumatic event. If you could contact the previous owner, maybe that could shed some light on where the problem is coming from. If...
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    Truly great training advice

    Those posts were great, compliments to the writers!