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    A big Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to chazhound!
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    Cruelty To Cats

    Agreed, I've seen this link on many other forums including my own...all you are doing by posting the link is spreading the word...the site has a google PR rank of 6, which is very good. That means it has a lot of links all over the web.
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    Where we work...

    Student, web guy, dog lover, intern and web manager for HP. :D
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    Cruelty To Cats

    oh look, a hoax ... an5gel, maybe the governenment faked the 1969 moon landing too. Don't trust everything you see for truth.
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    Welcome Sarah! I good looking pup you got there, nice pics too. :)
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    Top O' The Morinin To Ya!!

    Welcome! Your pups a cutie. :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
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    new and stuff

    welcome! I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know!
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    New here!

    Welcome BabyKitten!
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    Chazhound and I are good friends. :) Milo, thanks for letting them know about globalpaw.
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    New Member

    welcome tarpon. :)
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome! Nice to hear about you!
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    Hi, I'm Amanda

    Welcome Amanda!
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    Hey I Am New Here Too......

    Welcome! nice to meet you.
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    i'm new hello

    Welcome Aboard!