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    Long Live the Queen

    Queen Audrey that is. The Queen of all Huskys! She was the best Husky ever . . . We lost her January 31, 2016.
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    Worst Shedder?

    Huskys and Malmutes are by far the worst shedders! With their double coats they shed twice a year! Summer/ Fall and Winter/Spring!
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    My dog won't let me sleep!

    New girl back again. . . I have swatted Molly on the nose (not hard) when she does her growly growl and raises her lip and snaps at my daughters face (don't worry she is 20 years old), and she does it almost every night while we snuggle. Maybe she thinks she is trying to "kiss" my daughters...
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    My dog won't let me sleep!

    I am going to interject something here. (I am new but I happened upon this forum on just this topic because as I will explain, I sort of have the same problem with mine) It is what brought me here. Maybe. . . . (and I didn't read all of the answers) maybe she just wants to be with YOU. What we...
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    Hello from California

    I am the proud fur-mom of a Border Collie mix and also used to have a Husky. (She died Jan. 31, 2016) I have fostered dogs for the rescue group for our area called NORSLED (Northern California Sled Dog Rescue). I also LOVE wolves (and yes I watch Game of Thrones)