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    Pet Gifts and Pet Lover Gifts

    Success Patriotic Paws 2 Tier New Puppy Training Pad Gift Cake Has been created. :hail: To see it visit us at
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    Pet Gifts and Pet Lover Gifts

    Patriotic Pal's In the works as we speak is a new Patriotic Pooch Pal Puppy training pad cake that is sure to be a Bang with the dog owner in your life. Should be on our website by midnight tonight so tell us what you think!
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    Pet Gifts and Pet Lover Gifts

    Planning a puppy shower for a new puppy baby? Is there a kitten shower in your plans? Need a pet gift to shower a furry friend with love? We provide a unique collection of pet gifts and pet shower needs to satisfy the tastes of all. Check us out today!
  4. Valentines or Sweetest Day

    Valentines or Sweetest Day makes unique gifts for any holiday or occasion. Their gift "cakes" are like baby shower diaper cakes for dogs. Cool for the owner to receive, attention getting, and loaded with pet treats and toys.
  5. Happy Birthday Bow-Wow

    Happy Birthday Bow-Wow Makes these really cool inedible gifts for puppy showers, pet birthdays, welcoming celebrations and more get togethers. Cake forms are made from housetraing pads and are loaded with dog treats and toys.