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    I have a friend I used to play hockey with who lives in Zagreb. He is a doctor. I could get you in touch with him if you would plan to visit that city. (You probably will, you will probably fly into Zagreb.) I was very briefly in Croatia during my last deployment to Bosnia. We escorted a...
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    Car folks... buying a new car!

    I had a Pontiac Vibe (re-badged matrix) for 150,00+ miles with exactly zero non-routine maintenance. MANY long trips back and forth to see Tanya in Canada while we were dating and/or apart. Lots of room, decent mileage and does well in weather. I recently had a look at what Toyota is...
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    FYI, the last I recall Thailand was running under martial law due to a military coup. Make sure they have a somewhat reasonable government before committing any money to a trip.
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    The Venting Thread

    Maybe its not a medical condition, but rather one of the heart? Please, please please do not misunderstand me Nolu. But from the little I know about you from what you share here..... I cannot help but wonder. Perhaps you will not care, but we will be praying for you.
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    The Venting Thread

    Matthew 19:14 "but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.†As much as Tanya and I strive to raise this kid and show her the way to go, she always teaches us something too. I hope I never cease to be humbled by her.
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    April Fools

    A buddy of mine I work with.... His girlfriend called and told him she was pregnant. He apparently bought it because he all of a sudden got up real fast (we work in a "scrum room", which is pretty open) and went to a conference room across the hall. Few seconds later we hear him laughing...
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    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    I was told "no running and no contact sports, ever again." I never liked high impact cardio in the first place, so no worries there. As long as I can still hike and do all the things required to hunt/fish etc I am ok. No more hockey is a bummer, but I can get over that too. If I get past...
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    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    What do I have to complain about? You are waiting on me (and Hannah and the dogs....) hand and foot. Its almost awkward. :) Almost. I could get used to it. Lol
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    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    Totally agree with "productive pain". This is the part of the process I have a say in. So bring it on mean PT people. Lol
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    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    After the catheter removal, just about anything will be gentle. Lol. I can handle the dull ache I have after PT. But the knife stabs in my "parts" I could do without. :) Thanks again all!
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    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    Thanks all for the prayers and thoughts. I am doing quite well. Had the urinary catheter removed this morning. That was the most uncomfortable thing so far. Lol
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    Disney Questions!

    We would be more than happy to plan a trip with you. :) You know we would make it proper. LOL We... know things... that most people don't. ;) Especially if you would enjoy meeting and greeting with all the characters. With a big assist from Hannah, we know the tricks to get extra...
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    The Venting Thread

    I hate to say this.... But this sounds like a cracked engine block. Just had a similar situation with our van. Would love to read on and be wrong. Best of luck.
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    The Fall Semester Thread.

    Me? I joined the Army out of high school. Served 4 years and went to college for free (made money actually) because of it. (GI Bill + Army College Fund.) Got a degree I do not use. (History) Got a degree on my dime (A.A.S in Computer Stuff) that I sorta of use. I now work in IT (going...
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    Duck Dynasty

    This is a good summary of why this show is so successful.