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    Bullets and burgers.

    Certified by who? Who verifies certification? As I said many instructors are NRA certified. BUT many have no more qualification than being an air force cook for 4 years and have a buddy that owns a range. Granted with high end instruction you're going to have people with real training...
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    Bullets and burgers.

    Because it can be a matter of life or death. Firearms are involved in about 8K homicides (down from 11K several years ago, while ownership has increased from 35% of households to over 50%) which includes justified homicides (self defense & police shootings). Estimates for the use of firearms in...
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    Bullets and burgers.

    You keep saying licensed instructor. To my knowledge there is no licensing procedure. Instructors may or may not be NRA certified or they may be basing their qualifications on prior military or LEO training. Regardless of his qualifications the instructor failed by not maintaining physical...
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    Bullets and burgers.

    One round at a time is kind of contrary to the point of shooting machine guns.
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    Dangerous Dog Law

    Sadly in many places this is true. In many jurisdictions the law does not discriminate between a provoked or unprovoked bite, but does generally exempt police K9 dogs even if the bite is unprovoked.
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    Public perception vs dog community norms

    I am surprised at the number of people who should know better but don't. When a veterinarian or one of their employees incorrectly calls a fit dog underweight, I call them out for their ignorance on the spot. I don't care who is around. What also kills me is REALLY active people who don't...
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    If you were stuck on a deserted island...

    except that too much fruit can give you the poops
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    If you were stuck on a deserted island...

    1. gerber or leatherman multitool 2. at least 200 feet of 550 cord 3. flint with small magnifier lens like this one 4. roll of 20# test spiderwire fishing line with a sabiki rig tied on 5. small machete with a heavy head like the kukri my...
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    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    Rarest and MET, a true koochi dog bred by Koochi nomads in Afghanistan. I have also met several Iraqi landrace LGDs, herders and mixes of the two. I have met Okinawa Inu. Viequensie dogs (pariah type native to Vieques Island). American Staghounds in Iowa. I've met every kind of tree hound and...
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    Death Penalty-Can Someone Explain This?

    okay, uhm here goes I support the death penalty for certain cases, but especially child molesters and violent sex offenders. suicide rates are higher among their victims than any other crime victim, as far as i am concerned they killed those people they just did it slower. also amongst sex...
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    Working vermin dogs?

    i'd hit the local feed mills and farm stores as you'll be less out there where whackos can try to take advantage of you. just a simple "i have terriers and I'm looking for a place for them to hunt and kill rats" with your number attached. the feed mills might even let you try your hand there and...
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    I had my baby :)

    oh, Jess She is soooo BEAUTIFUL. i almost cried because it reminds me of my girls being so little and pure and beautiful. I am so very happy for you.
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    What are you passionate about?

    I am passionate about my family and I am passionate about liberty.
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    Working vermin dogs?

    A cash business might be a hard sell, a trade based arrangement might work. BUT to get your foot in the door you need references to the quality of service and freebies are going to get you that.
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    Working vermin dogs?

    Just take her hunting. Find as many farms as possible that will let you tear through old hay and straw, feed bins, compost and manure piles. She'll either become driven about it or not.