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    Inducing vomit dog

    We just had to use peroxide for our dog the other night, he ate the handle of his tug toy which was made out of some extra strong material and about 10 inches long total. This was the first time we've had to do this but we figured we'd do it and if it didnt' work we'd take him to the vet. We...
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    Akita Inu (Japanese) Breed

    I had a martial arts instructor who had one and it was super dominant. I believe that most of them are like that and that even in the breed standard it says something about their temperament being very dominant especially with other dogs. Its a breed trait. While I haven't owned one from what I...
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    What is this little guy?

    Looks like a German Shepherd to me as well, but yeah you'll never know without a DNA test. We had a friend who adopted a pup specifically because he thought it was a shepherd puppy. It looked exactly like one when young. However funnily enough it never really grew. It ended up looking like a...
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    Rough-coated Rottie?

    Im sure that coat goes a long way on those freezing German winter nights. Most people don't realize the even the standard rottweiler is reaally a cold-weather dog which is why it has a warm double coat.
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    Does it always mean anal gland issues if a dog is butt scooting?

    Our Bull Terrier was scooting every few days, and the vet suggested feeding a higher percentage of bone in his raw diet instead of having his anal glands expressed. After feeding a large meaty raw bone once a week in addition to his normal diet, no more scooting! The extra bone caused the anal...
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    How often do you clean poop up from your yard?

    While most people overlook it, composting works!!! Although I wouldnt use the compost in my vegetable garden. Here are some good idead for anyone who's interested:
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    Top breeds of playful dogs?

    Bull Terrier for sure the most plaful I've ever owned, although they do tend to spin and can knock over young kids. They seem to not know their own strength. Also my vote for the most cuddly, for some reason they also believe they are lap dogs.
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    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    We started both our male pups on puppy training pads and then added a pee post hydrant. Then we slowly moved both the pad and post closer and closer to the door each day. Then eventually outside, and further and further into the backyard . And then we placed the post in a well-draining sport at...