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    Miss my old friends, miss Messina

    Hello old friends, if you're still around. It has been more than a decade since I joined this wonderful forum. We shared so much information, stories, photos, and made friendships. We shared out love of dogs, breeds, and animals in general. My dear sweet Messina passed in 2015, just two months...
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    Help! My girl has Pemphigus Foliaceus :(

    Hello all. My I haven't been here in what seems like decades. I have quite the situation on my hands. My poor girl Messina, now 12 years old, has been diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceus. Over a year ago I started noticing some scabbing around her mouth and our regular vet thought it was...
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    Messina Running for Pet Idol - Please Vote!

    Hey guys. I need a bit of help. I entered my dog into Pet Idol, and I may have a pretty good chance of winning, if everyone helps me out that is LOL. Maybe I can begin to pay off my student loan hehehe..You can vote once a day, every day until the contest is over. Just: 1. Go to this address...
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    Members' Dogs *Calling All Chazzers*

    Sizzle..your dobies are gorgeous!
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    Pit Bull Related Event

    Oh...sorry, and whichever dog you do sponsor, for all those interested...just make sure to make a note of that when you use paypal...mention the dog's name, for ex.
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    Pit Bull Related Event

    Didn't really know where to post this...hope its not an issue. If so, I guess it'll get taken down or edited, but its worth a try :) Anyways, the Pit Bull Co-op in Toronto is hosting an event to raise money for pit bulls as well as for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Canada. So, without...
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    Unchain the dogs of New York State!

    Having worked as a cruelty investigator in the past, I can say that I have witnessed dogs being 'contained' in rooms, basements, and most of all, crates, in the most horrid conditions possible..without food, water, attention...cold basement, barely any room to move....yes, it might keep the dog...
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    Unchain the dogs of New York State!

    Hey...banning plastic bags is an excellent idea...countries in Europe that have done that are having positive results..more people are using those reusable cloth bags...I see nothing wrong with that... I'm not sure if anyone has seen this documentary on the plastic bag, but if you do, I can...
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    Anyone's dogs have arthritis?

    My Chihuahua is 11..he's been overweight for the last couple of years..on a diet now and lost a bit, but its very difficult because he can't exercise due to the its kind of a lose lose situation.. My vet is currently giving him cartrophen injections once a month...they help...
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    Talking banners...

    Aww and here I was clicking on this thread, getting all excited and thinking you were going to coach us through on how to make talking banners for our dogs LOL
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    Our collars from collarmania!!

    Is the material soft (yet durable?) I always have a problem with nylon collars because Messina's skin is quite soft and delicate and she's got alot of lose skin and folds around her neck, being a bully and I need something that won't scratch or irritate her skin... ???
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    Unchain the dogs of New York State!

    I, for one, am not thrilled when it comes to the concept of tethering - not ONLY because too many people abuse that priveledge, but because there are sooooooo many horror stories of dogs being stolen while left in the backyard without supervision. And tethering is just another good excuse to...
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    Heartworm in Europe

    How do I find out where heartworm is in Europe and whether or not my dog should be on preventative when travelling there? Specifically, I am referring to Poland during the summer months.
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    Heartworm in Europe?

    bump..anyone? bumpity