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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    Lori says: "Nope, not discontinued, just pausing to change to another manufacturer. Do you mind telling me where you heard that we were discontinuing? Anyway, I'm currently looking to work with another manufacturer and will let you know when we are up and running again. In the meantime, you...
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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    Oh, interesting, it doesn't show up on the mobile version. At any rate it says the company will no longer be making them as of the 21st so you may still be able to order one.
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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    The Balance Harness was discontinued? The site still seems to be and running, and the Facebook was updated in mid-February. Where did you hear it was discontinued?
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Go Tucker! Sisci is also nervous about other dogs and people in class, so I end up bringing a million treats and marking/rewarding looking at stuff the whole time. I'm pleased that she ends class totally focused on me and relaxed enough to lay down. Control Unleashed calls it the Look at...
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    I just came here to see if you had a result yet. Yay cattledogs!
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    Good dog food that is affordable

    I'm a big fan of Fromm Classic as a very high-quality food that fits into a lot of budgets.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    I think that big dog ate him.
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    Willie and Tucker Fighting

    Oh joy, it sounds like your cats and small dog have a similar dynamic to my household. The cats love whopping the dogs every chance they get. Ru is basically a cat toy, they easily outweigh him by double and clearly they know it. Every so often James will cross the line and send Ru into a tiny...
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    Sports proscpects vs. Liveability: a poll

    I've been trying to explain Sisci to my golden retriever-loving coworkers who just can't fathom what I see in the bitey beast. I say I got her to do agility/flyball/disc/herding with, not to love everyone she meets. They ask why a dog can't do both. This got me wondering about top-level...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Yay! Be prepared to patiently and repeatedly inform other handlers that yes, your dog really does need his space. Hopefully it will be discussed at the first class, but I've found some people just don't really process/understand it. If you put a collar on him it probably won't take weeks to...
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    Gusto's DNA Test

    I'm going with Boston/BC.
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    Ridiculous things your dog has done

    Brisbane ate an entire 5 lb bag of cat food after the cats helpfully shoved it off the top of the fridge. He has eaten half a flourless chocolate cake off the counter on two separate occasions with no ill effects. I think he might be indestructible. Edit: He also is personally offended by...
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    The one that got away?

    Almost ten years ago I saw a flier in the pet store for this guy. He had come into the municipal shelter as a stray, was pulled by a no-kill shelter that failed to adopt him out for several months and then returned him to the kill shelter to make room for more adoptable dogs. The place was...
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    Dog Birthday Ideas

    I take Brisbane to the In-n-Out drive-through for a cheeseburger for his birthday. One year I threw him a birthday party with dog guests, cake, party hats, and a pinata full of dog biscuits.
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    Winter wonderland

    I love Onyx's stay face. "I am staying, do you see me staying?"