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    How was your day Chazzers?

    Haha, that reminds me of this picture I have from when Damien was young I learned from my GI's office that my insurance has said no to sending me to the Cleveland Clinic, so now I'm stuck where I'm at (which is no meds anymore since they don't have anything else to give me, no doctor since...
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    Moving to Florida

    It's joint legal custody (decision making) but she has physical custody with Jeremy and Breeze having visitation. It's very common for one parent to have sole physical custody but rare for one to have sole legal custody
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    hospital bills with no insurance

    yeah on my ER bill, they charged me 3 times for a pregnancy test. I understand they will do one before doing other things or giving you meds, but it was the same charge repeatedly
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    hospital bills with no insurance

    My one ER bill I had before I had insurance was 6,000 but about 4,000 of that was for a CT scan. I applied for the financial assistance at the hospital and it was 100% waived. The doctors bill separately, though, so I did have to pay his $600 bill (for like the 1 minute he was in my room)
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    Credit card rewards?

    I get cash back with my Citibank card
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    I haven't been around much...

    because I was too ashamed to tell you that the puppies I bought are pure evil
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    Tried as a adult?

    It's not that they don't understand right from wrong, as mm has said. It's that the brains haven't developed to the point of making them fully capable of controlling impulses and making good decisions. This doesn't excuse the behavior or make it ok
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    I didn't want to share this, but now it's less surreal

    Yeah, implantation bleeding a small minimal spotting. If you still have some HCG, they would be able to tell it was a miscarriage by monitoring the levels dropping. If the HCG is gone by the time you go to the doctor, you may never know for sure Don't be scared to go to the...
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    I didn't want to share this, but now it's less surreal

    I am so sorry! Don't feel so guilty, though. I highly doubt it was because of not eating. The baby will take everything from you and you're the one who will suffer. I couldn't eat and threw up everything I ate and drank and lost 25 pounds the first few months with Damien. You didn't cause the...
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    Oh, Paaa--aaammm

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    Oh, Paaa--aaammm

    Oh, and health-wise, I'm doing all right. I'm able to get out a lot and stuff, but I'm pretty much exactly where I was prior to surgery (so really not that good but I still do everything I can to have a "normal" life). The meds aren't working and I'm dependent on Prednisone. The GI has given up...
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    Oh, Paaa--aaammm

    I'm sorry I deleted most everyone I don't know in real life on facebook because I'm the Events Manager for my mother's group and take a lot of pictures at events and post them on facebook. Not everyone is comfortable with their kids' pictures being available to people I don't know
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    If your spouse...

    It's not about just the looks of it. It's also about making a decision that will cost him 99% of jobs in the future and any serious future career, meaning he doesn't care about me or his son or helping to take care of us
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    Tourist Gift Swap Part Dos

    I never got one :(