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    Emme is 50 pounds

    Welcome to the wonderful world of xx large dogs :rofl1:She's gonna be a big one! Ozzy weighed in at 60 lbs at 5 1/2 months.... he was 100 at 10 months.. they're not monsters, but they are true bred working dogs. Take a look online at the Dutch Bouviers... those are the originals. by they way...
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    I found a lump...

    Please go to the vet's ASAP. Good luck
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    Bouvier De Flanders.

    fellow bouvier owner Hi, I just started with Chazhound, and I read what you wrote about bouviers. Did you get your bouve as a puppy? I've had both puppies and rescue bouves. I found that it depended on what kind of treatment that the adults had. as to their behavour in later years. It takes...
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    What breed would you guys reccomend for me?

    As far as I'm concerned... you already have the ideal breed. bouvier des flandres. Hands down, great therapy dog, good temperment, doesn't shed much, great gardien, loves the cold weather, and handles the summer when clipped down. What else could you ask for?
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    HELP! House Breaking my puppy

    potty training I have a yorkie-maltise too. she's quite the little girl, she's very small, dainty, and is very stubborn. The following worked for me. Kaylin LOVES cheese, and will do anything to get it. So cheese was offered as a treat only after she went where she was supposed to. The...
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    glad to have found you

    Hi to Emme's mom glad to hear from you. I love compairing bouvier puppy stories. My "baby" will be 10 months tomorrow, and now weighs in at about 100 lbs. The clever lad has learned how to jump up into the truck, now mom doesn't have to envision weight-lifting as a new career. Vodka was a...
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    Expectation Level?

    Measure up?????? Your post made me think a lot about behaviour, not the dogs, but ours! Poor Ozzy, our baby Bouvier, he has quite the boots to fill. Andy and I didn't realize that we expected him to do stuff that Vodka did, just because. She came to us fully trained and she was at an age...
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    glad to have found you

    Do you live in SK too? Pics will be posted when I find the drivers for my camera!!! I'm not too bright with computers.
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    glad to have found you

    banned dogs when I saw the list of the 75 breeds that are on the ban list.... well my jaw dropped. Some of the dogs on that list are used for therapy dogs. (Bouviers are on it) I know of someone who is bringing up a bouvier to become her aid dog. Some of the problems arise when first time...
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    Please help flea problem!

    flea problem a couple of years ago we had fleas...found out that the fleas were living in the sand around the house. The only thing that worked was..Sunlight lemon liquid dishwashing detergent. This stuff killed the live fleas and the larva. We sprayed the sand with the soap and water, then...
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    glad to have found you

    As I'm new, I would like to introduce myself and my family. My husband and I have 3 furry kids, Merlin a shitzu-toy poodle cross (10 lbs) Kaylin a yorkie-maltise cross (5 lbs) and Ozzy a 10 month old bouvier puppy (90 lbs and counting). We live in Saskatchewan, Canada. We're long distance...
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    If you feel immune from BSL - List of 75 banned or restricted breeds

    Banned dogs great post! Who decided that these breeds are dangerous?
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    Hello from Humid and Hot SW Florida

    Hi there, believe me you're not the only ones (hot)! This year has had the strangest weather everywhere. We live in saskatchewan, Canada.....why up north of North Dakota... and we are seeing rain as never before
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    New member

    Hi everyone, I came across this site lookiing for people that are owned by bouviers. I would love to speak to you and share some of the adventures that are the norm for a bouv family