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    Fleece Tug Leash

    Rush to Tug!!! I love mine!
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    House buying questions

    Also, save WAY more money for down payment than you ever though necessary. You may not be able to get out of PMI anymore. We didn't qualify for a conventional home loan because our land was worth more than our house, so we had to have 10% down for an in-house loan and we got out of paying...
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    House buying questions

    It depends on your bank. We had one bank tell us 30 day and another 60. We have also heard different things from realtors. Our realtor showed us houses regardless of preapproval. Our friends had a realtor tell them "don't even bother until you have a preapproval letter." The problem with a...
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    Shipping dogs and cats as cargo?

    Did they say no zip ties to keep the door closed? or? Last time I flew a dog it was Alaska, and when I buy a Vari-Kennel I immediately throw out the screws and bolts that hold the crate together. I zip tie all my crates closed, but of course, I have no need to zip tie the door shut. Just...
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    Small dog please!

    I find it interesting that no one mentioned pugs. They will probably be over your 10lb limit, but minimal grooming, most are pretty layed back, but enjoy a good walk. They seem to meet a lot of your requirements.
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    Agility training

    <3.. just... <3. So happy for you Beanie!
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    Structural discussion

    I didn't necessarily mean that the rear was over angulated. I mean in comparison to their front angulation their rear was over done. So say a dog is very straight front and rear, their movement could still be balanced, but a dog who has a very straight front and a moderate rear would appear...
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    Structural discussion

    I think you mean over angulation in the rear. I often see dogs with big angles in the rear and straight front (or straighter than their rear). Those dogs often have BIG side gait. I was always taught that a well put together dog moves equally at a slow trot vs a fast trot. People often gait...
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    Those who bought from responsible breeders...

    I flew to pick up my puppy. I found a breeder I liked and met her briefly at nationals before the litter was born. When they were ready to go home, I flew there to meet her, meet her dogs, see her place, and evaluate my pup in person. He rode home under my seat, and I was extremely pleased...
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    The Good News thread

    Thanks! We have two more houses to look at before we make a decision (unless anything else pops up on the radar)... ugh, this is SO hard! There are lots of pluses and minuses to each place, and each place is on our list because it's what we are looking for/like/close to work, etc.
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    The Good News thread

    We found a house. It needs a lot of updating, but we will be talking to the bank, getting a home inspection, and possibly making an offer on Thursday. I'm excited beyond belief. And scared... The land is perfect and we love it, the house is in good shape, just was built in the '60's and...
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    Agility training

    It's a tough decision to pull, but if you feel he isn't ready, then do what is best for both of you. I just wanted to throw this in. I train at my own home, alone. There is no agility club here, nor one within easy driving distance. I have to train solely by myself. I always enter a trial...
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    Easy set-up pools for dogs

    We bought our plastic kiddie pool at the Dollar General. Walmart here carries larger plastic pools. I did have a pool like that one for the dogs though. It lasted a season. They track so much dirt into it that my pump went kaput after maybe two months. They really didn't get in it unless I...
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    If your dog is 20-50 lbs

    Rumor is 40-42lbs and eats 1 cup/day Gus is 44lbs he eats 2.5-3 cups/day depending on weight and activity Zen is 54 lbs and he eats 2-3 cups/day depending on weight and activity.
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    Agility training

    Uhm.. what?! Punch THEM in the face!