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    WA meetup? [Blackmask, Romy, Redyre, Babyblue..]

    Let me know when that Marymore Park group meets and I'm there! Live 20 inutes away. No dog Babyblue?? I am really behind on things. I'll bring a couple of pups for you to love on!
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    Prayer request

    I've not kept up... whatever is wrong with Fenya, hope it's made managable today and she's back home in her bed by now?! You're in my thoughts today.
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    Long time, no talk!!

    Hi Zoom... Kohl had a real battle with Panosteitis and still isn't moving properly. Paces, sometimes throws front legs verses bending and flexing properly. Vets thinking it's a learned behavior from dealing with initial pain but an MRI is needed now to rule out anything else. Acooper, my son is...
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    Long time, no talk!!

    Hope all of you are doing GREAT! I got a birthday greeting from Chazhound last week and realized I missed y'all and wanted to say "hello". Things have been hectic here, showing and training. Haven't finished Kohl yet, due to soundness issue, but he's doing well. Have a new dog, a Pekingese of...
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    7 weeks today! *Pics*

    They're all outstanding, says a lot for Alice. I'm guessing it's in a thread here somewhere but I forgot who dad is? You're so lucky showpug, you got a litter like this first time out, no complications and all such gorgeous babies.
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    Gloria stacking

    Hi showpug! She's beautiful. Not sure of her age, but will we see at Monroe show this month?? If not, we will definitely say "hi" in Jan. this time. Looking forward to being able to snuggle one of those Pug babies.
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    Poor Alice!

    Hi showpug, I've been "absent" for awhile. Wanted to check in and see how some of my favorite puppies and owners are doing! They look fabulous. Hope all is going well.
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    McGee Update (Pics!)

    Great pictures! She's such a pretty girl.
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    Happy Birthday OC!!!

    Happy birthday from me too!!
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    THE VIDEO IS DONE!! Our Hero Miakoda

    What a wonderful tribute. Chaz is truly a special group of people with very special dogs.
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    Khana's new title

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    8 weeks

    Great pictures! They've all developed so nicely. Excited to hear Ruger is in Seattle. Sold to a show home??
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    Is your car clean?

    Funny thread. My son actually asked me to clean my car out Sat, night before we picked up a friend of his who was going to ride in the back seat. Dog bag, dumbbells, leashes, change of shoes, towels, granola bar wrappers, water bottles... this past weekend it looked like I live in my car and he...
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    Alice pups *3 weeks today*

    Wow... haven't seen them for ahwile. They really are gorgeous now!
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    When you train your dogs what do you use as a reward?

    Carrots and broccoli! You're lucky you can use the healthy stuff. It's canned cat food for introducing dumbbells, tug toys for quick sits and attention work and cheese on heel work and stays. In conformation it's liver or chicken bait. An awful thing when you forget it's in your suit pocket a...