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    For all groomers

    We use 123Pet and it works REALLY well. Easy to book app'ts, track no shows, tips, retail, grooming notes etc. Abby
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    Refilling the toy box

    Alright everyone, I was going through the dogs toybox last night and pretty much cleared out everything. I'm looking for some great new toys, any suggestions? Thanks Abby
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    Siberian Husky

    As a lover of the breed my entire life I can tell you they like ANY breed are a commitment. The Sibe motto is "over, under, through" and many do go missing hence why you see so many in shelters. They need to be in a secure yard, ours is 6' fencing with electric hot wire run along 6" above the...
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    Quality Clippers

    Ditto on Oster's HATE them...big, clunky, and loud. I have found the reliability of Andis second to none so would certainly look at that brand. Abby
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    Advice on cut

    Take pictures with you, if her puppy coat isn't to unmanagable the photos you attached are easily done. Many times stripping the dog down is done when matting is too excessive to comb out.
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    Question about Labradoodles?

    The other thing I would tell these people is that MANY doodles require more coat care than a poodle!!! I think that is the biggest surprise people get when adding a doodle to their house. They think because it is a cross there isn't coat care and then have a melt down when you have to strip...
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    Need advice/opinions - what to feed puppy

    The Go! ALS is a very nice food and feeds well, have had very good success with it over the years. I used the Acana puppy instead of Orijen on a Lab litter and liked the stool quality on Orijen WAY better! Never have had issues with gassy pups though, it might just be too rich for her. Abby
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    Pat on the Back

    Here are one week old photos: Enjoy Abby
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    Pat on the Back

    I just want to put this out there that Vanillasugar passed Puppy Pulling 101 with flying colors yesterday afternoon!!!!:) Thank you again Julia for helping me with Sara's delivery, I wouldn't have been able to get that puppy out without your help! Abby - who is surrounded be lab puppy...
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    So I'm a babysitter now too?

    Obviuosly these people are completly oblivious to the colourful characters that frequent the store location!!! Somehow this doesn't surprise me, however with the urbanization of our city is making it worse. Abby - The manager of said store who is seriously thinking of the "Children are...
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    Christmas Fun

    And now just Muddy Abby
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    Christmas Fun

    Ok we are having fun at work....AGAIN! Here are pictures of Mud and Sierra posing for the camera with their Christmas collars. Abby
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    Wahl KM2 vs Switchblade

    Ok guys I have to replace my Andis and right now Wahl is what I can afford and get ASAP. Anybody have a preference for either the KM2 or the Switchblade? I have used the KM2 many moons ago and liked it. What I'm hearing about the Switchblade is if you're use to an Andis the on/off switch will...
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    Husky - not interested in dog food

    Tough love is the best way with huskies!! I have had several adults come in from other teams that are fussy. Quick solution is food is down for 10 minutes, if they don't eat its gone until next feeding time and the same food is put down. Huskies are very fuel efficient and buggers at holding...
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    Hair dryer?

    Hi have the $100 B-Air and absolutely love it!! It actual pushes more air than the 4hp Metro's we have here at the shop. It was the best $100 I ever spent and personally would recommend it for what you are doing. The K9-1 dryer is also excellent but probably too much dryer for what you are...