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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh


    Thunder loves to lay/sleep in our garden tub...I guess it's nice and cool!
  2. I'm a dirty dog!

    I'm a dirty dog!

    Thunder absolutely love to play/sleep in our garden tub!
  3. Thunder puppy

    Thunder puppy

    Are we done yet?!
  4. The "kids"

    The "kids"

    Smokey "meow", Thunder pyrenees puppy) and Tobey (lab mix
  5. TJ.-lab


    The mornings are the best!
  6. Thunder puppy

    Thunder puppy

    Thunder...Great Pyrenees puppy of about 7-8wks old.
  7. N

    Comment by 'NikNak' in media 'Biter'

    He looks as if he is laughing histericaly at some joke that we will never get! Cute picture!
  8. N

    Comment by 'NikNak' in media 'My Couch'

    How precious it this! Beautiful pup.
  9. N

    Comment by 'NikNak' in media 'Duchess'

    Beautiful! I love her eyes.
  10. Tobey-dachsund/lab mix

    Tobey-dachsund/lab mix

    Im so confused!
  11. Teeka-New Foundland Pup

    Teeka-New Foundland Pup

  12. T.J.


    This is the life!
  13. I think I can...

    I think I can...

    Teeka at about 10wks.