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    The Good News thread

    Most of our rivers are like that (dark/mucky looking), but the springs here you can see all the way down to the bottom... they are crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous. They also stay a constant 68-70 degrees year round which makes for an absolutely refreshing swim in this hot and humid...
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    The Good News thread

    What to do when it's 100 degrees outside? Go to the springs, of course :D Oh how I love where I live! There are over 900 freshwater springs located in Florida and my county (and a few surrounding counties) just happen to have some of the best AND least known about ;) (p.s. not my photo...
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    Baby names!!!

    I don't have many names, just because I don't really think much about them lol however I do have a couple favorites. Judah - I just love this name and if I ever have a son this will be his name. I just think it's such a strong name Ruth - just find it so beautiful A more uncommon name...
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    The Good News thread

    High of 84 degrees tomorrow. Can't say I can complain one bit. Reason #564 why I'm definitely a Florida girl through and through :D
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    Someone had a birthday!

    I haven't posted in quite a while, so not sure if anyone will even remember us. Been super busy with work and life at the moment. But guys. HARLEIGH IS SIX YEARS OLD! Her birthday was actually Thursday and I was planning on taking her to the park and then to PetSmart to pick out a toy...
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    Christmas gifts you're getting for others...

    Mom & Dad: *I honestly have no clue at the moment... really gotta start thinking about that one. Brother: *Probably some bullets for his gun, lol. Maybe tickets to a Gator basketball game. Sister: *Again, honestly have no clue on this one. I have 6 other people that I'm buying for...
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    Do you enjoy cold weather?

    Haha... NO! It's 41 degrees right now and I am absolutely freezing!! I'm afraid I would never survive somewhere where it's freezing. I'm definitely a Florida girl lol
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    Pizza Toppings

    I'm not really picky when it comes to pizza. I don't like mushrooms or olives, but anything else I would probably try. However, my favorite pizza is either: 1) pineapple or 2) pepperoni, bell pepper, and onion. Yum!
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    The Good News thread

    Yes, we were so crazy busy! We never caught up until right at 6:30, which is the time we close. Oh and I forgot to mention the MANY flu shots the pharmacist had to give in the midst of that 700. We had done around 300 before 3pm and they just kept on coming haha.
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    The Good News thread

    My good news is that even though today was SUPER long and we filled 700 prescriptions.... I'm so thankful to have a reliable job and one that I love going to at that :)
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    Do you have a life motto?

    Yep.... they are mottos that I came up with too :p ;) First: "Food is life and life is food." (Nikki Hammock) Second: "You can't be sad when you're holding a duck." (Nikki Hammock)
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    Back from the dead.. and living in CO

    Welcome back! I hardly post anymore either... I'm just so busy these days. Ya know having a real job and everything... :p As far as cars, I definitely agree with the Honda suggestion! I just got my '09 Civic in June and I absolutely LOVE it. I am so glad I decided to get it <3
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    The Good News thread

    I get to go back to Costa Rica next May! I'm so excited :D I wasn't able to go this year and I missed it so much. Cannot wait to get back with the Guaymi Indians and be able to share Christ with them.
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    The musing thread

    Next Thursday is finally the day.... I'm chopping my hair off and donating it. Both excited and nervous :p
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    Boy Dogs

    I would like Fergus now please. K, thanks. :D Seriously... I love all of your dogs.<3