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    Comment by 'Nataly' in media 'Scratch My Belly!'

    Oh god, what a sweetheart!
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    Jealous dogs

    Awww, that's sweet! Is Bula a Boston terrier too? How much excercise does Dixie need? I'm sure it's wonderful to have so many animals in the house, and useful too, cause they can keep each other company! :)
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    Comment by 'Nataly' in media 'Hey, you!'

    Hilarious caption! What a beatiful dane.
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    Just saying hi

    Yep, they sure do, tl. It also helps to look throgh old photos of her, I'm gonna have to put a few of them up here soon :). Thanks everyone, for the support and advice. We researched quite a bit, starting with a book on dog raising (with s a list of most breeds), and later the boston terrier...
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    Comment by 'Nataly' in media 'Thunder and Teeka'

    Wow, beatiful dogs! I know Thunder is a Pyrenees, what breed is Tika?
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    Got My New Baby!

    That's wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures, and how big she is at 9 weeks! Congratulations, you must be so happy right now :).
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    Boxer puppy

    Well, a week ago exactly we got an adorable boxer puppy: My mother has a friend with a male boxer, who had just become a father. One of the puppies born was given to the family once they found a home for him, but as they took him there the people had second thoughts, and my mother's friend...
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    Comment by 'Nataly' in media 'Giving thanks'

    Is that a golden? That's such a wonderful photo! I love how dogs look with their face bent down, it's so adorable!
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    Hi all

    Hi lorraine. Heh, my uncle recently named his dachshund Sammie, too, so I guess it's a popular name. Or just appropriate for many ;). Good luck with your dog, I hope to see pictures too!
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    Just saying hi

    Thanks, Linda and Sammie. :) We're looking for a breed that's compatible to our abilities, and so far the boston terrier seemed a perfect match, not needing much grroming or extreme excercise, and his loving personality, aswell as being so adorably cute! They do tend to have eyes, respiratory...
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    Just saying hi

    I am a new member, so I'm just saying hello to all the animal addicts like me :). This seems like a very useful website and forum, and I melt when I look at the pet pictures! I found this site, sadly, right after my dog died. She was almost 8 years old and got cancer. A week has past and I...
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    Comment by 'Nataly' in media 'Giving thanks'

    That's adorable! Is that a golden retriever? Great caption. :)
  13. Piercing Stare

    Piercing Stare

    My Pyrenees dog, Margo, on "our" sofa.