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    Your family + your pets

    I liove with my sister. She has her dog, I have mine. We're pretty seperate. We both work with dogs for a living, I'm a trainer and she's a kennel hand so dogs in general are a mutual interest but we don't share a lot of responsibilities. Occasionally we'll feed one anothers dogs if one of...
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    Smooth Border Collies.. finding a breeder in the Midwest

    I don't have a lot I can add in the way of a breeder. Being in Aus and all. But I do have a smooth BC. I LOVE her coat, originally I wanted a rough but I'm so glad with what I ended up with. Lots of smooths in Aus. I was just going to say, what you probably already know. Meet lots, be picky...
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    Breeds with the MOST significant difference between show and working lines?

    Border Collies. You couldn't pay me to have a show line one and I would love a bunch more working lines. Same for the Kelpie.
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    I'm on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. Worth a look if you like beach communities or hinterland communities that havnt been totally over developed. :D
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    How many chazzers have you met?

    10 years on Chaz and not even one. :( When I eventually make it over to US/Canada a road trip shall be had. Would love to meet some people irl.
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    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    1. Kelpie Hopefully next dog. I want another herder. Smart, biddable, driven. Ideally something a bit fiesty, I don't want a softy. A social, fun, sporty "pet" dog 2. Malinois or Dutchie Nose and teeth! Nose and Teeth! Hopefully 2-3 years from now. 3. Borzoi Because I want to drape...
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    How do you feel about bark collars?

    I use an electronic bark collar with Quinn. I don't think it even works anymore but I use it to help her chill. I think its fine if used correctly. I have no concerns about her wearing it. Originally I used it for 2 reasons. 1. She likes to sleep outside during summer but where we used...
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    What is your dog's favorite breed?

    Quinn LOVES Kelpies, can spot one a mile off and goes stupid flirty at the sight of one. She met mountains at our old herding classes and she's very biased. Closely followed by beagles and mini poodles. She does not like BC's or GSP's.
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    What do you drive?

    I drive a VW Maxi Caddy. Its a work car so its covered in sign writing (dog pictures all over :rolleyes:) The front is like a van, lots of space and storage. It has a cage between the front and the back and the back is empty. It is a handy dog car. We use it to pack gear to carry to...
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    Got a career dealing with dogs? Tell me about it

    Training is my passion, I have been trained to groom over the past few years and it's something I'd like to keep my hand in. I really enjoy it (the good dogs) but I'm not passionate about it like training. What is your job title? Dog Trainer/Dog Groomer I work for a developing business...
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    What would have you named your dog?

    I had Quinn's name picked out for years. She was either "Quinn" or "Sonny" but when I met her, Quinn was what suited. I still love it.
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    Do your dogs hang out outside alone?

    Quinn spends a lot of time outside. She is outside when I leave her at home when I go out and when I'm at home i mix it up, i might leave the door open. I might have her closed in with me or locked outside. I have very secure fencing and she is not an escape artist. She likes her alone time...
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    What does grooming involve at your house?

    Quinn's very wash and wear. She gets a bath once in a while, when she starts to get smelly. Sometimes I'll run the force dryer over her if I feel like ruining her life or I want to pull a bit of coat out of her. I've got lazy with nails, I only do them about once a month. They're never too...
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    Physically positioning dogs?

    I think there can be a lot of benefits to working with compulsion when done properly. So long as the dog is worked through the exercise in the right way. Quinn originally learnt everything through luring but after I learnt about guidance techniques, I went back and taught her how to turn of...
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    Dogs that can never be off leash

    I would proof with an RT. And remember his age, he's still in adolescence. Young dogs do dumb things. Quinn's recall is great. I am picky about where I have her offleash because I don't want dogs bombarding us but I know her recall is dam fine. Until that one day it wasn't. We were at...